Another wonderful “winter” has begun for us in the Algarve


We arrived in Lisboa back on November 20th and have enjoyed this past month simply settling in, reconnecting with old friends, letting the sun and sea air rejuvenate us, and feeling thankful each day that we are permitted this wonderful experience.

Portugal has been experiencing a terrible drought and consequently the weather has been unseasonably warm, not something we will complain about, but not at all good for the locals who rely on the land as a livelihood.  This weather has afforded us the luxury of long walks on the beaches, we’ve visited Faro Beach, Barril Beach and the Fuzeta Beach and left our footprints in many kilometers of sand!!

We’ve visited a few Christmas markets, which are always colourful and lively, and there is of course, the Olhão market that we have frequented on most Saturday mornings.  We love to go just to absorb the energy,  pik up on the culture and support the local farmers.

And most importantly, it allows us to spend time with mutually minded friends who also happen to love the market environment as much as we do.

Gwen McCauley…….and her enormous smile!

As we get closer to Christmas things have gotten much quieter around us.  Some of the stores close a little earlier, people are spending more time doing last minute things, just like we’d be doing if we were home in Canada.  Today Marc and I headed into Estoi to pick up some puff pastry we ordered from a local bakery.  Marc is going to prepare tourtiere for Christmas Eve………I think a  Pet de sœur euphemistically translated nun’s  fart…..a sweet he loves, might show up from the left over pastry!!!  It’s been known to happen.

Once we picked up the pastry we stopped at Ana’s and Simão’s restaurant and they kindly let us store it in the fridge then we took a lovely walk through part of the town and up a lovely old farm road we explored last year.  Delightful in the warm sunshine with the scent of drying bamboo and blossoming loquats all around.

We followed that up with a hearty lunch on the patio at Snack Bar com Tradiçoes, a wonderful Feijoada, which is a stew of beans with pork, of Portuguese origin.  I couldn’t eat it all it was so filling.


And so life goes!!!!   I hope you’ll follow along with us this year if you like.  I never know how often I will post, or if Marc will add a portion but….we will do what we do, when we do and to have you along for the ride would be delightful.

7 thoughts on “Another wonderful “winter” has begun for us in the Algarve

  1. Hi Randy and Marc, glad to see you have started your blog. See you in a few weeks!


  2. I just left you a message but not sure where it went? Something about our -20 windchill, cross-country skiing, dairy-free hot chocolate and poker playing with Lia who is home from University for the holidays. I so love the colours of your photos, the food, and the impression that all you do is walk and eat LOL. It seems like a 6 month long Christmas period without the snow. Be sure to post their Christmas, I hear Santa shows up on a boat? I’ve been thinking about you two and so love that the blog is back. Hugs. Annie


  3. Thank goodness! All I have to say for now.


  4. I’m here and I’m here for the ride!!!!! I get to enjoy warmth, sunshine, beaches, beautiful greenery, gorgeous flowers, amazing food and sooooooo much more just by reading your delightful blog everyday~! How to live vicariously through Randy and Marc. 🙂


  5. Enjoyed every word and every picture! The ease of life in the Algarve, the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables so affordable, wonderful people, and the lovely weather is a sharp contrast to the hustle bustle here, insane traffic and an evening snowfall. All that aside, it is great to be alive, experience the joy of friends and family, the beauty of nature and a spirit of generosity and kindness wherever one is! It all starts inside! Looking forward to each and every blog, however many, whenever and by whomever!


  6. So pleased to see you started the blog as it is so nice to wake up each morning and read it with coffee in hand. We are supposed to have a white Xmas with a nor’easter on Xmas day.


  7. well well!!!! u both have such a hard life. drinking wine is hard, dinning out is so hard, lying by the pool with shorts and sandles on is really hard, best of all ,going to the market and spending sm. amount of money is sooooo hard live it up you two you deserve it. Very happy u have started your blog get to tease you now everyday. love you, Merry Christmas to you and Marc


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