Boas Festas from the Algarve

This is our house in the Algarve this year. We will be here till March 31st at which point we return to the quinta in Estoi till our return home in mid May.

Marc and I decided to head to the Olhão market first thing Saturday morning, grocery list in hand, Gwen in tow.  Do whatever shopping we could in the market then head to a few other places, get it all out of the way and then spend the next few days simply relaxing and enjoying whatever “Christmas” turns out to be for us.  A busy but delightful day as it turned out.

We managed to get everything done, dropped it at home, headed into Estoi to drop Gwen off, a quick visit with Ana, Simão and Joana to wish them a Boas Festas then home.  We had a very pleasurable evening with Harald and Bela at our place, a perfect way to unwind and begin our Christmas celebrations.

The Portuguese have their main Christmas celebrations on the evening of the 24th of December. All generations of the family gather for a special evening meal of Bacalhau (codfish) and their traditional Christmas cake called the Bolo Rei (King Cake). The meal tends to finish very late and then is followed by midnight Mass. The Christmas gifts are given to each other after the church service or at midnight.  Christmas day for the Portuguese is a much more low-key day, similar to our boxing day.

Just getting ready to head out for a lovely walk in and around our area. Marc had found a route the other day and offered to take me to explore. Our mirror selfie!!

We’ve enjoyed a very relaxing Christmas Eve so far and from the amazing scent coming out of the kitchen, I’ve no doubt the rest of the day will be equally as pleasurable!!

It’s a grey day as a cloud cover has moved into the Algarve for a couple of days.  They are so desperate for some rain and we hoped it might happen but I am thinking that if we see a shower, that will be it.  In any case, we headed off for a lengthy walk.  Invigorating and thoroughly enjoyable to explore some new turf.

The walk stirred up an appetite and right after we finished lunch we decided to head into Fuzeta, fill the car with gas for our trip to Lisboa on the 26th , a stop for a bica and then home.

As we walked from the car to the house I noticed the banana tree in our garden……have a look at the bananas and flowers……….

IMG_0870  I don’t know exactly when these will be ready for picking but I intend to find out.

And now as I sit here with the smell of tourtiere coming from the kitchen, the sounds of Marc pottering about, Ella Fitzgerald singing about Christmas, and expectations of our delicious meal later today I also think of all our friends and family.  I wish for each and every one of you an amazing holiday time doing whatever makes you happy.

Carte de souahit 2018

7 thoughts on “Boas Festas from the Algarve

  1. Merry Christmas guys and continue having the best holiday!


  2. I really enjoyed your blog today with the market pictures as people get ready for the Christmas season. Your meals sound great as well. I loved the little lamb from the other day – so cute! Maybe you could bring her home..ha! Your house looks lovely and I am sure you are enjoying it.
    Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2018 as you enjoy the sunshine!
    Lovely weather here today in Cape Breton with lots of sunshine but temps were @ 6-10 C. So, no snow yet for the season.


  3. Merry Christmas to you guys. Je suis avec vous en pensée. Big hugs and kisses.


  4. Great blog…lots of familiar shots and certainly feelings! The roses look lovely and hard to believe it is December! I am sure Marc’s tourtiere was as good as it smelled…tourtiere is on my Christmas morning breakfast menu…can’t wait! Lots of snow today; a white Christmas we will have and a pjama day if I am lucky! xoxo


  5. Best wishes for the. Hristmas season and I wish you both, health, love and continued friendship for 2018!love the blog!


  6. Christmas! Geez, these keyboards are small!


  7. Good Morning and a very Merry Christmas to you both!!!

    I love your mirror selfie!! Beautiful, happy picture it is.
    I love that you had a companion for your walk! I’d be a bad one to have there with all the animals roaming about. You know I’d have the house full of them in no time. LOL The great dane is a beauty too and I agree with you, that doorway is stunning.

    LMAO @ your big hair day photo! hahahaha When I first saw it that’s exactly what came to mind. No matter, you’re handsome no matter what your hair is doing. 😉

    I’m hoping you lazy asses get out of bed soon and pop online so I can chat with you before I head to bed…. Santa is going to fly right over this place if you don’t hurry up!

    I love you both. Have a relaxing but fun filled day.


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