The Changing of the Tide

Given I’ve been coming here for seven winters now, and with Marc and I spending six months here each of the last two years, there is an inevitability of routine and habit.  We can’t say that we really notice it ourselves but it’s always evident when other people come to spend time with us.  Personally I like that the routine changes a bit and a new  series of habits get developed.  I’ve always been an eternal optimist, I love change and transition and having somebody new in the mix highlights those things.

That said, the tide has shifted a little with the arrival of James.  He is so grateful and happy to be here and to have a break from the pace his own life has become, work and most importantly, Canadian winter.

We’ve determined that we need to have a few low-key days until his body clock adjusts to this new environment.  Today he slept in and when he finally wandered out to the main part of the house, his smile nearly blinded us!!  He is one contented person.

We decided to head into Fuzeta, wander a little, have lunch, wander a little more and then head back home.  Only so much excitement each day!!!

Fuzeta was very quiet today.  We parked and headed for lunch then we took a walk along the beach and around the harbour.  Very few people out and about.


Lunch was corvina…..a delicious succulent white fish.

All three of us were feeling a bit tired today so, after wanderings and food we decided to stop at the grocery store, pick up a few things to go in Marc’s wonderful turkey soup, then headed home down as many backroads as we could find.   The colours are in abundance in both homes and plants…..

Tomorrow James will be a bit closer to local time, my head cold will have hopefully abated and Marc will be feeling back to his old self.  What a motley crew we are this evening!!!

8 thoughts on “The Changing of the Tide

  1. It’s lovely to be part of the crew. Thank you so much for the opportunity.


  2. Ohhhhh I love that James got into the water!!!! LOL Good for him! He certainly looks like a very happy man indeed.

    I would love to have a bowl of that turkey soup Marc is making, I’m sure it will be fabulous. I’ll be making one of my own in a day or so. I hope it helps with the head cold and belly aches.

    That fish you had for lunch looks divine!! Yum!

    LOL@ the escaping Santa…. he looks a bit guilty of something.

    As usual, the flowers add a splash of colour and beauty.

    I can’t wait to see what you all get up to next!



  3. I love wintering in Portugal ( vicariously ). Thanks guys🌺🌸🌾


    1. Gee, maybe you should consider coming some time? I can see a group of you here with a lovely old farm house!


  4. This trip I very much would like to try the corvina…looks wonderful. As we are struggling to stay inside due to the plummeting temperatures, I feel the warmed by James’s smile, and gaiety from the flowers and countryside…keep them coming.


    1. We will certainly go for corvina when you are here. Pedro seems to serve it frequently so………I’ll reserve you a seat!!! Won’t be long now.


  5. Lovely pics of the boats at day’s end – very peaceful. Flowers are beautiful and love the rosemary. I am sure James will love the weather and pace of life, as different from city life. We are reaching a balmy -2C here in Cape Breton, which is so much warmer than the last few days.


    1. Thanks Joannie……..James is loving it here……he is already talking about coming back!!! Lovely and warm and more beautiful weather ahead of us. Keep warm and hugs from us.


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