Living the Grand Existence

I love living here in Portugal for six months of the year!!  I truly don’t think I will ever tire of being able to come here as I take such immense pleasure in the simple things throughout the day and I’m certain those things will always remain available to me.

Today it was a simple day of going to the grocery, where I find the butcher counter a complete form of entertainment,  a quick trip home to drop off our purchases then off to Estoi and lunch at Ana’s and Simão’s.  It was such pleasure to introduce James to not only Ana and  Simão but Gwen joined us, always a joyful thing for us, AND Harald and Bela came passing by!   He was introduced to almost all the folks that make this feel so much like home to us.

After lunch, which always seems to take longer than we anticipate, I drove Marc home,  he is coming down with a cold that I have to take the blame for giving to him, to rest.  James stayed for a visit with Gwen until I returned then he and I set out to explore a little of this wonderful town of Estoi.  I never tire of exploring it’s many nooks and crannies and I always find something new to make me smile.

We more or less lost track of time with our wanderings and suddenly realized we were pretty pooped. A darn good reason to head home!!!  We had a handful of fresh sage from the patio, picked a couple of lemons off our tree and our roasted chicken is just about ready to come out of the oven.  We are counting our blessings.

And one last smile for the day……..I am debating about not cutting my hair for the six months I am here……of course I have no idea how unruly that will look but……if I don’t do it, I’ll never know.   Given that I am contemplating this enterprise I thought I should start to seek out some solutions……….



6 thoughts on “Living the Grand Existence

  1. Hi Randy and Marc
    Oh how I enjoy reading your posts and all the wonderful pictures. Someday I will join you for a visit in Portugal I hope. As for your hair Randy, please no man-bun LOL. Or I will have to find you another beret/hair like I found for your retirement.
    Thinking of you often. All the very best to both of you for 2018. Have Marc play some Québec rigadon songs and take the spoons out to celebrate New Years – he will understand what I mean. Vive the French Canadian new years! Bonne année mes amis et beaucoup de sante et de la joie a vous deux. Xox


    1. Hello my sweet Susie……..all the very best to you, Gary, Sophie and Andrea for 2018. Big hugs


  2. Yes, hon you should do it.. grow those beautiful silver locks…. your pictures are so intriguing .. Thanks again for making me smile..


  3. As for the hairband…I think you look like one of those gorgeous looking tennis stars. I enjoyed a brisk walk this morn at -17…can’t wait to enjoy a stroll without winter attire. Carry on…you are doing a grand job living the dream!


  4. LOL Love the hair band!!!! Pat’s right, a tennis star has been born. LOL

    I love the pictures. The chickens, the little white cat. The bright splash of colour from that gorgeous bougainvillea.

    The Pousada walkway looks so lovely and serene. One could sit there and relax for ages it seems.

    Marc’s pizza looked wonderful! As did the cuttlefish dish.

    I think you should grow your hair while you’re there and relive some hippie days. Hehehehehee

    I like James hair long as well.

    Love to you all.


    1. I guess we’ll see just how patient I can be!!


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