If it’s Saturday, it must be Olhão!!

Yesterday was shorts and tee shirt weather, please don’t hate me for sharing that!!!  And of course it was not only market day, but the first Market day for James and the added element of sunshine and heat ignited my pleasure to be able to introduce him to the colour, energy, smells and all round enthusiasm displayed at this weekly market.

Sadly Marc is feeling unwell and opted, wisely, to stay bundled up at home and nurse himself to a healthier state.  We….translated into I…..have dragged a cold bug in the house and I am at the tail end, Marc now somewhere in the middle and James just starting to experience the nagging tickle that starts it all.   I’m sleeping with one eye opened!!

In any case, James and I collected Miss Gwennie and wound our way to what turned out to be a most delightful visit.  It was busy, without being overwhelming, the sun certainly brightened spirits all around, and because we we didn’t really need to make any purchases, that isn’t to say we didn’t make purchases, it was very laid back and relaxing.

James and I wandered around for a bit then he decided to go and sit and enjoy the sunshine and most likely, people watching.  Gwen was off doing her thing and I got to simply lollygag my way through the throngs of people, stopping when and where I wanted and simply taking pleasure in the moment.  Tried to locate our friends Harald and Bela, who are there almost every Saturday but sadly, could not.  Found out later that they had to pass on the market, I know they would miss it as they, like us, love it.

Finally after a bica together on one of the market patios, the three of us walked back tot the car, headed for one more stop then finally back to our place where we enjoyed lunch on he patio with Marc, who by now was up and moving a bit more.

After lunch I drove Gwen back to Estoi and we I returned home I found Marc asleep upstairs, James asleep downstairs and I had the place to myself so……I went for a small walk as I had noticed a large area of rock roses near our house………..flowers this time of the year make me happy and hopefully sharing them with you will bring a little smile to your day.

Turned out to be a glorious lazy afternoon.  I curled up by the pool and read and perhaps, if the truth be told, I might have even dozed for a few minutes until two rambunctious birds decided to play tag right over my head.

Marc declared that he was staying in bed for the rest of the day and after some discussion James and I decided to head out to dinner.  Our destination turned out to be closed and I suggested we swing by Dinis’s……..turned out to be a good decision.  The prato do dia was frango com miel……..chicken with honey.  I’d never seen it here before but it was yummy.  The place was packed and lively, food and entertainment.


18 thoughts on “If it’s Saturday, it must be Olhão!!

  1. Randy. I so love waking up to read your blog….It transports me for a few moments to your lovely part of the world and makes me forget what’s outside my window….hoping for a speedy rivers for Marc❤️
    Happy New Year🎉🍷


  2. Speedy recovery …not speedy rivers….. ha ha!


    1. LOL, somehow I knew that!!!!! Happy New Year to you Juice. Big Hugs from Portugal. Delighted you are following along on the blog.


  3. Hey Rand…Gary and I have the cold as well. Gary’s almost recovered except for that nagging cough. I lost my voice…silence is golden, but in my case, it’s painful. You know I have so much to say! Soup with onion,garlic and ginger should help. Enjoying waking up to your news and pics.😘😘😘take care.


    1. Thank goodness you’ll have it out of your system before arriving here. It’s going around everywhere. Susie had it for almost two weeks!!!! Counting down the days till you arrive!!!!


  4. Oh I love reading about your escapades and the warmth! That photo of the peppers gives out sizzling heat! Someday I will convince my hubby to switch to Portugal! Meanwhile, four more days of this awful cold weather before we head off to Florida!


  5. Oh and Happy New Year to you all three! Marc, prompt rétablissement!


    1. Merci Michele……..soon you too will be in the sunshine……..Happy New Year to you also.


  6. Randy, you have such a terrific gift of making a somewhat ordinary day into one worth getting up for, by capturing the natural beauty, the many simple joys of life and the wonderful human spirit surrounding you and delighting in it….and generously sharing it. I love that about you!
    Hoping you are totally recovered today, James avoids the cold and doesn’t need to recover and Marc is substantially recovered.
    Enjoy bringing in the New Year in your little piece of Heaven! Happiness, good health and continued adventures in 2018! All the best to you, Marc and James! 🍷🍷🍷🍾🎉


    1. Sadly it will be very quiet on this end as Marc continues to be feverish, James is certainly coming down with it and I am barely well enough to be nursemaid. Now who will open that champagne???????


  7. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Sorry you are not feeling the greatest and hope you have a fast recovery. Maybe you can celebrate Chinese New Year with the champagne..ha! Or have minosa in the am. Colds are going around here as well.
    it is so cold here today at -10C – feels like -20C. We had a few nice days but now back in the cold weather. I am making seafood casserole for dinner tonight.
    Enjoying your blog each time you post. I always love the market, fisherman & flower pics.nice to see some beautiful colors as our color now is all white.


    1. Happy New Year to you too Joannie………maybe we’ll see each other in 2018.


  8. Sorry you are not feeling well! What a way to start a New Year.! In any case, I wish you both and James a wonderful year 2018! May life continue to be good to you and keep you happy and healthy. Benoît and I are looking forward to seeing you again! May I open that champagne for you??? Big hugs and lots of love.


    1. I would LOVE IT if you were here to open the champagne for us. Happy New Year to you both….we too are very much looking forward to your visit. I have Benoit’s walking stick!!!!


      1. Great! He will be happy to know that!


  9. Those colourful peppers are enough to brighten anyone’s day!!!
    Seafood would make a lovely New Years Eve dinner! Yummmm. I think I’m just going to order in pizza and watch something on Netflix. It’s too cold to leave the house today.

    The honey chicken looked good indeed, I’ve never heard you speak of that dish until now. Someone must be trying new things there. lol

    I love the white and purple bougainvillea mix! How pretty it looks together.

    I too woke up with a sore throat. Not good. I’m hoping it decides to let me off the hook and goes away.

    You three, well not Marc bcuz he’s too sick, but you need to wipe down all door handles, tables and counters with a germ killing solution. Don’t forget the handles in the bathroom and on the bidet. Grin*

    Love to you all.


    1. Well thank you Dr. JoAnn…LOL. I’ll have you know we all have our own bathrooms so we don’t share germs. Besides, it’s too late, I’ve already given them this bloody cold bug……that’s why I sleep with one eye open now.


      1. LOLOL Yes I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you too. I hope you’re all feeling better really soon.


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