Howling at the Wolf Moon

We’ve been a household of sickies for a few days now!!!!!   I came down with it first then kindly shared it with Marc who in turn, passed it along to James.  Sometimes the hacking and coughing is almost in harmony!!!!  I do believe the worse of it is behind us now and life will start to resemble something a bit more normal.   That said, we haven’t really been sitting around all day and whining………..well for the most part we haven’t!!!!  We have done a few things close to home…….we can’t have James going home saying all he did was sit in the house and drink……….but that’s for another story.

James and I enjoyed a marvelous afternoon at the Ria Formosa Natural Park near Olhão.  We walked for a few hours checking out the flora, the birds and simply enjoying the scents throughout the forest and sea paths.  It helped clear the head.

On the way home we stopped in Estoi in hopes that we might have success in securing a prato do dia at Ana’s and Simão’s and as luck would have it, they had enough left for us… of my very favourites and Simão’s was stellar……Bochechas de Porco, pigs cheeks.


We were two very happy campers,and by the time we left there, stuffed.  Once home we discovered Marc preparing a beautiful tourtiere for dinner later that night.  It was a day of amazing food for certain.

IMG_0998Last night was the full moon and so at dusk the three of us headed over to the salt flats where we officially howled and danced under the new moon, the Wolf Moon, the first of the new year.  We understand this now secures us a wonderful 2018!!!

Today the sun was beaming and throbbing………..calling or pushing us to the Faro Beach.  We had promised James a beach day and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity.  We sent out a note to Harald and Bela, knowing they too love this beach and go often, and hoped today would be one of those days for them…….and happily, it was.

All that walking and talking stirred up the hunger and the patio at Wax was our destination of choice.

We sat for a couple of hours relaxing and chatting.  Good food, great company, perfect weather.  It’s so easy to simply fall into this wonderful rhythm and forget the rest of the world is out there.  I wish all my family and friends could experience this.

And then time to call it quits and head for home……….


Si vous avez suivi le blog vous savez déjà que nous aimons beaucoup aller à la plage de Faro, “Praia de Faro”. Elle est toujours différente à cause des marées bien sûr mais également à cause de son affluence et sa proximité à l’aéroport. Les longues marches sur son sable doux et or relève presque du rêve. Celui-là est éveillé bien sûr et ce n’est pas un cauchemar. Nous nous étions donné rendez-vous avec Bela et Harald vers la fin de l’avant-midi. James, Randy et moi-même à la rencontre de nos amis Allemands afin de faire une promenade sur ce sable doré pour certains et de relaxer et discuté de tout et de rien pour les autres. La terrasse du restaurant Wax nous a accueillis tout le monde vers 13H pour un lunch fort agréable. Pizza pour certains, pâtes pour d’autres et salade pour d’autres conversations et joie de vivre et esprit pour tout le monde.

Le chemin du retour nous amena dans les montagnes autour de Moncarapacho question de faire un peu de tourisme pour le bénéfice de James. Les vieilles montagnes ont des centaines de chemins où les points de vus sont souvent à couper le souffle, les vallées parsemées de domaines ou de fermettes, de troupeaux de moutons ou de chèvres, la joie, le bonheur.

Maintenant, rendu sains et saufs à la maison, le crane rempli de soleil et fous rires la soirée risque d’être tranquille.

A la prochaine


5 thoughts on “Howling at the Wolf Moon

  1. Glorious sunshine emanating through those pictures! I see you all have light jackets and scarves,but ah!! That sun! Warms me from tops head to tippy toes.


  2. Your dancing and howling at the first moon of the year, the wolf moon, was happening here in Ontario as well. LOL Your sister in law and myself enjoyed a good dance and howl outside in the freezing cold too! LOL 2018 should be aligned perfectly for us all now.

    Your day looked lovely! Such beautiful sunshine and all that blue…. ahhhh, I’ll be there tonight with my toes in the sand as I drift off to sleep.

    WOW at your lunches!!!! My goodness those pizza’s looked amazing and so did the other dishes!! Yum at the salads, they looked fantastic.

    Keep dancing, keep smiling.
    Love to you all.


    1. You would love the food here…..and I bet you’d even be willing to try things you’d normally eschew!!!


  3. Michèle Dextras January 3, 2018 — 11:14 pm

    I can’t wait to be in the sun and walking on the beach! You all look very content. Those pizza looked absolutely yummy.


    1. You’ll be there soon and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do being here. Safe travels.


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