Thursday’s Travel to Tavira to Tour!

Today the weather may be considered dull but our hearts were soaring as we headed north into the mountains then east towards Tavira for a day of wandering aimlessly and breathing in the wonderful ambience of the town and sea air.

Marc is still recuperating and opted to remain home and with his grocery wish list in my pocket, off James and I headed.

Tavira is an ancient Moorish town that has retained its unique character to become one of the finest resort towns of the Algarve.  It’s a joy to explore with its smattering of historic buildings and decorative churches, all of which are set around charming plazas and pretty cobbled streets.  Marc and I love going a few times during the winters here and we always find something new and interesting.  Today was no exception.

We had parked the car near the train station as I wanted James to enjoy the full effect of walking into the historic centre, take in the hints of skyline that could be seen from time to time and enjoy the architecture.  He was swivelling his head like one of those little bobble creatures in the back window of a car…… was quite a bit of fun for me to see him falling in love with the place.

We decided that we would wander down to the old Roman Bridge,  cross over and find a place for lunch.  Low and behold, they were shooting a Portuguese soap opera right on the bridge so we were being detoured!!  Just as we were about to walk elsewhere the Director called “cut” and they took a break so they let us walk across the bridge through the cast………fun to see them all posed and waiting to start shooting again.  The locals seemed to be enjoying it very much but of course we didn’t recognize anybody.

For lunch we ended up at Casa Simão, the first place I ever ate here with Gwen and Diane many years ago.  I go at least once each trip and as luck would have it……today was perfect because the prato do dia was javili estufado…….wild boar stew!!!!!!!!!!!  YUMMY>


So tasty….we both ordered it……moist, succulent, a tiny bit gamy.  Underneath was toasted day old bread which was soaking up all the wonderful onion and garlic broth.  We both ate every morsel of boar…….and for the record….I am still behaving myself with not eating the fries……I’ve only cheated once this trip….and I got caught!!!! (Hey Ana????)

Of course after a big lunch like this you have to walk to burn it off and so walk we did.  It was during this part of our trip that I stumbled on an old garden, tucked away beside and old church, that I had never seen before.  The caretaker was working in the garden and that allowed us to wander in and look around…….what luck!!!

I could tell James was fading and as soon as I suggested calling it a day, he was heading in the direction of the car!!  We passed this wonderful Christmas tree made of espresso cups and saucers.


Then I spotted an old house that called out to me……


We took our time heading home with stops in Santa Luzia, Pinheiro, Arretioa, Fuzeta and finally, the last leg to home.  I can safely say James seems as in love with this area as we are.

And now at home, Marc was happy to see us, accepted his bag of groceries and the scent coming from the kitchen right now……intoxicating.  Life remains grand.

5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Travel to Tavira to Tour!

  1. What a Christmas tree…Tavira is always so lovely to stroll through. James must be finding the colours up lifting…perhaps he’ll be making a trip to a nearby garden shop for a colourful plant or two.


    1. He’s already conniving about how he can come back next year for a month or two!! He’s loving it.


  2. That is once he’s home in Canada…I’ve got two distractions where I am and can’t seem to finish a sentence or thought these days. Ha!


  3. Lovely shots of Tavira & especially love the Xmas tree.


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