Cut Off From the World!!!!

Well, us “boys” are slowly recuperating from two days without internet!!!!   Imagine, we had to read books and actually talk to each other!!  Obviously we are back online now and the house has fallen silent yet again………of course I’m kidding.

Yesterday James enjoyed a tour of the cork factory,  Novacortica in Sao Bras de Alportel.  He thoroughly enjoyed it, a small tour with only three of them and the other two were a journalist team from Sweden so they got along quite well.  He’s managing to take it all in in bits and pieces and is loving his time here in the Algarve.

Today was a cool one and we all three bundled up and headed off to the Loulé market.  The market is quite famous around these parts and takes place every Saturday.  It’s a bit more touristy than Olhão but still enjoyable and hey, you have to have a comparison right?

We wandered down the main street and took in a few side streets as well.  The sun was shining but the temperature cool.  We had bundled up for it and simply enjoyed being out and about with the hustle and bustle of the day.

Last year the streets of Loulé were lined with Christmas trees decorated with all kinds of recycled hand made decorations.  This year they had large Christmas bells, all hand made, all from recycled products.  Very clever and a brilliant idea.

We had a great time wandering and checking it all out.  Most of the seasonal decorations were still up and the atmosphere felt festive as people wandered about shopping, taking coffee on patios, enjoying the market , and simly hanging out with friends and family.

We decided to wind our way back to Estoi and enjoy lunch on the patio at Ana’s and Simão’s.

Yummy oven roasted chicken legs…….sigh!!!!!

And last but not least……Carol N……..I found a place just for you…….had your name written all over it.


3 thoughts on “Cut Off From the World!!!!

  1. Lovely pics from Loulé & such a great market. Christmas bells are so nice – the one that caught my eye was the one that looked like patchwork quilting. That little crab looked like he was talking to you – great shot!


  2. I love markets. Looking forward to seeing the one they apparently have in Vero Beach. I know it won’t compare to the European Markets but they are fun anyways! You all look so relaxed!


    1. So happy to see you have found the sunshine waiting for you when you arrived. Enjoy your time in Florida and stay warm.


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