What Do Canadians Do When It Rains? Shop!!!

Today we had planned a day trip……..drive to Vila Real de Santo António, take the ferry over to Ayamonte, Spain.  Grand plan and well executed however what we hadn’t figured on was a full day of rain to keep us company!!!    Despite that we didn’t let it dampen our spirits, even if there was the occasional shoe full of rain (Gwen), and we pretended it was any other day and simply wandered enjoying the camaraderie a great lunch and an overall fun day.

Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  We pulled into the parking as the ferry was docking on the return voyage from Ayamonte.  Just time enough to purchase our ticket and board for the 15 minute trip across the Guadiana River.  At this point it was evident it was going to rain but so far…….dry.

My companions stumbled on a sale on shoes, Spanish made!!!  All three managed to find something they liked and left behind a happy sales clerk.  Of course as soon as they had things to carry, and possibly get wet, it started to rain!!!!  Murphy’s Law.

It should be obvious we had a great time and successfully ignored the rain.  It wasn’t pouring, which was good, and we had taken rain jackets and umbrella’s just in case.

We caught the ferry back to Vila Real de Santo António and decided to do a tiny bit more wandering and shopping……..Gwen had a couple of places she loves to go and we were in town so why not?

And now we are all home, safely tucked into our favourite chairs, lovey music playing, white port and tonic for me, gin and tonic for James and vino tinto for Marc.  We are all pooped but happily so!  We’ll sleep tonight.

9 thoughts on “What Do Canadians Do When It Rains? Shop!!!

  1. What wonderful photos and it seems that it is raining everywhere these days. Raining here in Florida today, at least it is warm. Looking forward to warmth and SUN!


    1. Aren’t we so lucky to be away from winter? I am certain you haven’t stopped smiling since you arrived!!


      1. We are both smiling and Schnauzer Max delights in going for his walk without booties, sweater and coat!


  2. Lovely photos today even though it was raining. I laughed at your shot of the ‘ holy women’ as I was photographed as on of the ‘holy woman’ in Madrid…ha!!!!!


    1. Yes you were!! I’m going to have to dig that one out and post them both side by side of FB!!!


  3. Oh, I think a trip across might be planned this year. Rain starting here tomorrow. Ellis prefers snow and I do too…yucky slush. You all must be feeling much better.


    1. We’re game to go anytime….can’t wait to see you in less than a week!!!


  4. Great blog, colourful pics! I loved the man and woman on opposite balconies…what minds think of these creative figures for their balconies? I fancied the bright, long gloves but was hoping for lovely scarves to accompany them!
    Expecting 20-30 cm of snow this weekend. Have cancelled all plans and will hunker down with a good book and a nice hot tea…well, maybe not tea!
    I giggled at your orange raincoat and the interesting bright green metal structure… reminds me of something! LOL!
    Carry on and enjoy! xoxo


    1. Snow? What’s that??? LOL. I know, cruising for a bruising.


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