Bebopping Around the Algarve

Today we covered an enormous amount of turf!!!  James and I started in Olhão where we parked the car and simply wandered many of the tiny winding roads, many of them dead end.  Delighted in the windows, doors, colours etc..

We enjoyed Olhão for about two hours then headed into Estoi……..we wanted to say boa viagem (bon voyage) to Ana and Simão who will head off in a few days for their much deserved annual vacation.   We then picked Gwen up and headed off to Alvor where she had an appointment…………James and I enjoyed a walk there while she attended her meeting.

From there we decided to head into the mountains to allow James an opportunity to not only experience the mountain roads but also to see some of the gorgeous towns along that route……Silves, Alte (where we enjoyed lunch and a lovely walk about), and several other of the tiny towns that dot the countryside.

It was a full day……..and by this point we were all feeling quite pooped.  It was a fairly quiet trip from there to home…….with only one other stop….well two… in Benefin at the local grocery, where I took this shot….

IMG_1294 And the final stop to drop Gwen at her door then onward to home.   The rich scent of soup met our nostrils and  Marc was there to greet us with hugs……..a lovely welcome home at the end of a wondrous day.

Tomorrow we three head to Lisboa to allow James to enjoy a tiny part of that wonderful city before he heads back to Canada on Sunday.  Wherever does the time go??????

2 thoughts on “Bebopping Around the Algarve

  1. I feel sad for James knowing how much it is difficult to leave Portugal after a stay full of wonderful discoveries. Not mentioning leaving our good friends behind. Well, I am sure that he is bringing back with him a lot of fantastic memories. Have a good and safe trip back home James!


    1. What a lovely note Diane, it WAS tough saying goodbye to James and seeing him off. The only consolation for us was that Pat and Gary were arriving…….and they are now here settling in.


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