Lisboa…and saying goodbye to James

I could go on and on with all the details of our delightful 2.5 days of wandering in Lisboa but most of you tell me you prefer the photos and with that in mind, I will keep it down to a minimum of words.

We put more than 15 kms on our feet each of the three days we were there.  I’m surprised that James and Marc are still talking to me!!!!!  That said, the photos will prove the two of them did not stop smiling the entire time!!  We discovered new neighbourhoods, did a little re-exploring in some old haunts and saw so much it was, at times, overwhelming.

Given we had just completed a four hour drive from the Algarve to Lisboa, I was pleasantly surprised that folks wanted to walk.  It was wonderful to stretch our tired old limbs and after several hours, equally wonderful to head back to the apartment and relax for a couple of hours before heading out for dinner.

Saturday morning we had determined that breakfast out followed by a leisurely walk upward to Castelo São Jorge, a Moorish castle occupying a commanding hilltop overlooking the historic centre of Lisboa, through old winding streets and neighbourhoods, would be a perfect way for James to experience a little of the beauty of this magnificent city…..he loved it as did we.

To say we walked until we dropped is not an exaggeration.  We had walked just shy of 20 kms (the beauty of wearing a FitBit) and all three of us were sufficiently pooped.  We relaxed at home then later went out for our last dinner with James.  It was a bit bittersweet as he did not particularly want to head home.  Our time together had flown by but what wonderful memories we’ll always have.\

Sunday morning Marc and I had determined we would walk to the Museu Nacional do Azulejo (National Tile Museum).  Marc had plotted out a route via Google Maps and turly, what fun we had……..we had never been in this part of Lisboa, which made it a grand adventure for us.  A few wrong turns and back-tracking, but we made it and WOW, it was worth it.

And so ends my photo essay of this Lisboa trip.  Marc and I enjoyed a lovely walk before dinner, a great meal close to the apartment and then a good night sleep……….delighted to know that Pat and Gary Kean would be arriving the next morning.

9 thoughts on “Lisboa…and saying goodbye to James

  1. Such art in your photos’s Love all of them..

    On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 12:35 PM, Marc and Randys Travel Adventures wrote:

    > canadianboystravel posted: “I could go on and on with all the details of > our delightful 2.5 days of wandering in Lisboa but most of you tell me you > prefer the photos and with that in mind, I will keep it down to a minimum > of words. We put more than 15 kms on our feet each of the th” >


  2. What wonderful photos and I love your text Randy. The tiles are spectacular! And I love the woman with the authoritative look and the peacock on her shoulder! Thank you so much for these posts.


    1. I love that you enjoy them. Thanks so much for the comments.


  3. Cough* Cough* I don’t know who the ‘most of you tell me you prefer the photos’ were!!!! I LOVED reading your commentary and the captions on all your pictures!!!! ~Grumbles at ‘most’ of those people. LOL

    I love the view from the apartment you all stayed in and the fountain is gorgeous. I love the pretty flowers growing for oncoming spring!

    You’d certainly need streetcars to get up and down some of those steep streets!!! Wow.
    The hotel…Oh I loveeee the colour of it, actually I love everything about it, it draws the eye.
    Hahahaha@James in the picture with Marc…you can see the badness oozing out of them! hehehee

    I love Marcus in his picture. 🙂 The first one of him laughing is great too.
    Randy, I love that old Juliet balcony!!! That’s gorgeous. Imagine it in its day. I would want to go up and do a walkthrough of the building!!
    The red, yellow and blue little addition is great!

    It’s too much to comment on all the pictures that catch my eye!!! lol, I love it all, the colours, the buildings, the narrow little roads, the pantyhose hanging out to dry. hehehee… all of it.

    You know how I love the picture of the cats painted on the wall…. and the variety of birds in the park. {and that they’re being fed!}
    Wow at the colour orange on that building with Marcus standing by it. {That’s my new name for him now.}
    The little balcony with all the bits and pieces all over it…. sweet.
    The figurines and tiles are simply amazing.

    The winning picture of the day though is Marcus standing in from of his fishies!!!!! Hehehehehee That’s one happy man.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog… and please……comment all you want!!! LOL

    Love you both.


    1. Now that’s the kind of feedback I love!!!!


  4. I am with JoAnn, I love your comments as they add another dimension to the photos, most times crack me up or add a bit of historical data, insight, taste, location, or just a witty take on something that one might think but not say. You always find the beauty, artistry or quirkiness. Keep your fingers on that keyboard, please….adds so much to each photo!
    Speaking of cracking me up, the pantyhose on the line took me back decades…OMGosh! Those horrible things! Favourite pic of day is of Marc with the fishes…great art and Marc’s beaming smile make a great combination! Loved the 3-D tile, can’t recall seeing that style before…lovely! I laughed at the building addition from the Castelo…too funny!
    Always in awe of the architecture, the beautiful tile work and the minds that envisioned it and the ones who actually built it so long along without the technology/tools/equipment we have today. Hard to fathom!
    Comment away, my Friend! I love it and appreciate your efforts!


    1. Thanks for the great commentary. We both so loved our time in Lisboa this year…….we’ll have more opportunities before heading back to Canada in May.


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