The Keans Have Arrived

Pat and Gary arrived in Lisboa half an hour late but cleared passport control, collected luggage and were in the arrivals area in no time at all.


They don’t look to bad at all for having travelled all night and hardly slept.  Let’s see how they feel around 21h00 this evening!!

The drive from Lisboa was easy and seemed quick…..probably from all that tongue wagging.  We arrived home, did the tour, dropped luggage then headed off for lunch, a quick grocery shop then home again………..Marc and I are delighted they have arrived and look forward to our many outings.

13 thoughts on “The Keans Have Arrived

  1. I can see that Patricia has not lost her wonderful smile. What a happy man Gary seems to be also. Welcome to them and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


    1. Looking so forward to seeing you and Benoit…today we enjoyed a walk on Feuzeta beach..ahh! To be in the sun and warmth!


  2. Welcome to paradise, P & G! No surprise of what Gary’s first meal would be. LOL! Recognized the grilled duck, couldn’t help but salivate…one of my most delectable meals! Rest up, Folks, many adventures await you!


  3. Glad to see Pat & Gary arrived safely and looking good. Having bacalhau a Brás on arrival would be great! Marc’s duck dish looked great.


    1. Were your ears burning??? Wish you could be here.


      1. Yes, it would be great to be there with all of you. We could have some great card games & the girls would win..ha! As I speak,we are getting some snow this evening @ 10cm. Not too bad as Halifax has been on a snow drought
        This year. Mild all week, so will not last.


  4. Yes, would love to be there. We could play lots of cards & the girls would win..ha! As I speak the snow has started & to get 10cm. It won’t last as mild this week in Halifax. Enjoy!


  5. Just an FYI – 2 postings was not a seniors moment! The first one would not go through, so I rewrote. And then it appeared – no one said I was tech savvy… ha!


  6. Ahhhhh how nice to see that Pat and Gary arrived safe and sound and looking none the worse for wear. I know they’re going to have another wonderful time in Portugal.

    How did we ALL know what Gary’s first dish would be!! LOLOL I hope it was as good as he remembered it to be.

    They both look great and yes, Pat has a great smile indeed.

    Oh and for the sake of all that is Holy… would someone pass me a big piece of that baked cream and chocolate dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drool*

    Looking forward to the adventures to come.



    1. If I could pass you a piece, I would!!


  7. Glad you made it there safely. Enjoy your time away from the frigid temps!!


    1. They haven’t stopped sighing with happiness since arriving!!!!


    2. Hey Sandy…enjoyed a stroll to the restaurant without our jackets. Then drove to a nearby beach, folks sunbathing. Living the dream!!hope someday you guys can make it here.


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