Hanging Out Near Home

With the arrival of new visitors comes the prerequisite settling in and getting over the jet lag.  It’s unavoidable and so, we know to give everybody at least three “easy” days……before we suggest hiking up São Miguel!!!

A lovely lazy morning for all of us……..breakfast whenever each of us managed to get up then eventually a lovely walk to a nearby restaurant, Restaurante do Campo for a relaxing patio lunch.

Following our wonderful lunch and relaxing, but invigorating walk, Marc was looking forward to an hour or so of artistic creativity and Pat, Gary and myself decided to head into Fuzeta, enjoy a stroll on the beach and around town.  It was downright hot by this time but not a complaint was uttered.

Truly a great day and it’s not quite over just yet.  Dinner is done……dishes are packed away………the music is mellow and the vino is just about finished.  How did we all get so lucky?

And one last shot to make you happy……….as it did us.



3 thoughts on “Hanging Out Near Home

  1. Such a beautiful day you guys had! The gorgeous blue sky with the sun beating down, the sand and deep blue of the water. Ahhhh, that’s the life indeed.

    The smiles on Pat and Garys faces speak volumes, no words needed. They look happy and content as can be.

    LOL, The walking sticks to ward off the nasty beasts eh…Do you really have to use them for that purpose very often??

    I love, love, love the blooming cactus on the side of the road! They are gorgeous.

    You didn’t oooh and ahhh over your lunches, I think this means it’s time to get to Ana and Simão’s again. LOL

    I hope James is settled back in at home. Any word from him lately?



    1. Lunch was fabulous……I simply forgot to say that! No, not a word from James. I expect he is still being licked to death by his doggie, Jackson, who was in the kennel while he was gone!!


  2. …Just Lovely!
    Thanks as always for doing this, Randy. For a few minutes, I can imagine we are there with you.


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