Beach Bums!!!

When we have such a lovely warm sunny day like today, the beach calls out to us in a loud clear voice.  I’ve mentioned before that Marc and I had committed to more lovely long walks on the beach and it seems that Pat and Gary made the same deal.  And so,, today was all about sea, sand and walking………simply being bums on the beach as my featured picture so clearly states!!

We had hoped to see our friends Bela and Harald at the beach today but sadly we didn’t see them.  Turns out they hadn’t gone today…..maybe next time.

We thoroughly enjoyed the walk, looking at all the various sea shells, both shape and colour.  It’s truly a rainbow.

We must have walked for well over an hour before turning back and heading to the Wax Restaurant for lunch.  We honestly worked up an appetite.

Of course, we had to walk a bit after lunch………

A great day………with the sand, sun, walking, and food, we should all sleep the sleep of angels this evening.

10 thoughts on “Beach Bums!!!

  1. Wow! That burger looks massive and so do the fries! Are those caramelized onions in the middle? And the pizza looks quite wonderful. Now opening up my computer and seeing that featured picture had my heart all a twitter! Love it!


    1. Oh you make me smile, and laugh! You are as much a foodie as I am, or I should say, we are. I’m so happy you are following along. I have been keeping my eye on your postings and am delighted you are enjoying the warmer temperatures and getting a break from Canadian winter. We will have to connect in person when we are both home so you can meet Marc.


  2. A perfect beach day! I was quite taken with Marc’s burger, remembering my own burger last year…so good!
    Loved the ease of the day and Pat relaxing in the sand, soaking up the glorious sun and sea smells. Easy, peaceful feeling…
    Keep up the good work….really good noting your blog!


    1. What, no comment on my “featured photo”?? I was counting on you.


  3. Oh my I love the sea shells, especially the one in the third picture! If possible, can you bring one home to me! Where I go to the ocean I have yet to find one that array of colours. Beautiful beach!!


    1. The next time I go to the beach I promise that I will try and find an undamaged seashell that colour and slip it into my suitcase just for you.


      1. Oh, that would be nice! Keep on beaching!!


  4. Love the feature – nice buns!
    Nice to sink your toes in the sand instead of snow. Food looks great & glad you soaking up the sun.


    1. LOL…I’m glad somebody is mentioning my feature photo. That was one of my views while I was eating lunch!! I looked up and there it was……….couldn’t resist taking the photo.


      1. Too funny- but great eye candy! .. ha!


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