The Retirees Dream

Another lazy day in our chosen paradise.  We woke to blue skies, yet again!  In the distance, a demanding hoopoe calling out for companionship and a rooster who clearly needs an alarm clock or glasses as the sun had long since risen.

Sadly Gary is still quite under the weather and Patricia is showing signs of her own version of the bug.  The only consolation is they get to sit in the sunshine and let it warm their otherwise feverish skin.

And so a lazy day lounging by the pool was the plan for the day…………lovely soothing music, from Venice Italy (nonetheless) thanks to the internet and our Bose……a cacophony of squawking from the large community of birds that have taken up residence in the palm tree next to the pool and warm glorious rejuvenating sunshine.  Not too shabby at all.

After lunch, I proposed a trip into Fuzeta for a bica and a walk on the beach.  Gary passed but the other three of us headed off.

A great day afterall.  Came home and lazed about till we started to make dinner……..and at a most propitious point……the electricity went out!!!!  We tried in every way to get the breaker back on but sadly we had to call the owners………..the short story is……they will be returning tomorrow morning to try and solve the problem… the meantime, a very creative and delicious meal.   We still have music, vino, and most importantly, companionship…….what’s a little electricity compared to that???


3 thoughts on “The Retirees Dream

  1. Sorry to hear Pat & Gary are fighting a cold/flu bug. Hope the sun helps!!
    Nice shots of Fuzeta beach. Had a day of snow, freezing rain & rain in Halifax today, but temps aren’t bad & continue into tomorrow. We take the positives we get..ha!


  2. love the shadow plays! Sure hope that Pat & Gary’s bug is of the strain as the one your previous visit so you are immune!


  3. Love the spontaneity and devil may care attitude you three had today with the Fuseta Beach in the background…reminded me of being a kid again! Yes, Randy, I can remember that far back! Shadow shots are such fun; great photos of the three of you!


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