If it’s Saturday, It Must be Olhão

Given some of us in this house are still recovering from the persistent ongoing cold bug that has taken over, our days right now are a little laid back than perhaps they might normally be.  That said, it’s Saturday, therefore, it’s Olhão Market day!!!  I love that a ritual has been established.

List in hand, Patricia, Marc Gwen M and I headed off to spend some of our hard earned Canadian pensions!!  Gary, wisely, decided to stay home and relax in the sun, get a good dose of vitamin D from the source and continue to recover.  He made up for it later in the day but more on that later.

The routine is to head off, individually shop and explore, then meet at the same place for a beverage of choice, then head towards our next stop, which of late seems to be the grocery store Aldi’s.

We took a rather circuitous route home as a) there is always and unexplored road; and b) I had seen a house I wanted to find again and take a photo of.  Both grand reasons in my mind.


Once home we settled on our patio for a free for all lunch.  Leftover turkey soup, cheeses,  Creton, made by Marc, leftover pizza etc..  No lack of food in this house.  Once lunch was done Patricia wondered aloud if there might be takers for a walk???  Happily, I jumped at the opportunity and so did Gary……..good thing he rested earlier in the day cause we walked for quite a distance.

Arriving home we decided to pop the cork on a bottle of vino verde and Patricia started the initial preparation for dinner.  A wonderfully fragrant turkey curry and rice.  It’s a shame we live such tough lives!!!!

6 thoughts on “If it’s Saturday, It Must be Olhão

  1. Glorious photos – glad to see those pensions spent properly! You two are living right and set a fine example for us all. Keep on posting!


  2. Lovely photos of the market & your beautiful smiling faces. You are certainly eating well & so having great walks. We are having a balmy 7C here in Halifax today with rain on the way. Not a bad winter so far!


    1. We are having a grand time Joannie. Just back from the Dr with Gary. He has a chest infection and is now on antibiotics. Should be good as new in now time. Big Hugs….stay dry.


  3. Glad to hear Gary has some antibiotics to resolve his chest infection & hope he feels better soon. Busy week as Scottie’s curling is on . Also, my brother is on town this week from Palm Springs & going out to dinner at Saltys for seafood Wednesday with his mother-in-law – two for one coupon at Saltys. Pat knows what it is!


  4. did anyone ever mistake you for a movie star mr. Randy what a handsome son i have. I am having quite the time trying to leave a comment as they will not accept my pastword for gmail looking for one for reader.


    1. I received this comment ok so you must have figured out something. And no, no movie star confusion…..LOL


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