Windy Weather in the Algarve

We’ve been inundated with significant winds here this past two days, with a few more ahead of us.  If you find a sheltered spot, it’s amazing how you need to peel off layers but if you’re in the open it feels as if it could skin you!!!!

That, plus we are still recovering from the colds we’ve all (except for Marc) managed to secure, some of us for the second time (that would be me), has kept us close to home for the most part.  Despite being home, we do manage to fill the days with activities that wile the hours away.

Yesterday Pat and I headed into the mountains near Estoi and enjoyed a 5.5 km hike.  The views were spectacular and neither of us blew away!!

Once home we enjoyed a late lunch then, because we are both still recuperating, we headed off to our respective rooms for a snooze.  What a decadent treat and I think worked well in our recovery as today we are both feeling much better.

Today was the return of Ana and Simão form their much needed and deserved vacation.  We missed them very much and being able to pop over to the restaurant for lunch so today, that was our objective.   A lovely lazy morning at home then off to Estoi.

How wonderful to sit on the patio, enjoy the sunshine and the camaraderie with have with Ana, Simão, Johana and Elsa.  It feels so very much like being at home!  We are very grateful for this relationship/friendship.

A good time was had by all…..not to mention good food, vino, olives, and a bica or two!!

My wind blown look…… can’t avoid it.

2 thoughts on “Windy Weather in the Algarve

  1. I have to say the Frango dish looked so good! Glad to hear you are recupting from the cold.


  2. Love the pink palace! Your photos have such wonderful colours. Very windy here in Florida also, cools down the air quite a bit!


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