And so My Birthday Month Begins!!!!!!!!

We continue to recuperate in this house.  I can’t wait till I wake up and feel like myself again.  I swear I’ll be doing a naked happy dance on the front lawn!!!  that said, despite illness, we continue to enjoy each day as best we can and we still muster up the energy for the occasional trip.

Good hearty comfort food is always good when you aren’t feeling well.  Right?  Well, there is no shortage of that here with three of us loving the kitchen.   It’s never a power struggle, or a competition, we all seem to have things we want to do and we work well supporting each other.  The great thing is…all four of us love to eat!!!  We have to keep up our energy to get well.

Yesterday we decided to head off to Vila Real de Santo Antonio and Ayamonte…….just in the event the shoe sale we went to a few weeks ago was still on…and perhaps/maybe…they would have something that Patricia might just love!!!  It was a fun day and unlike our trip with Gwen and James a few weeks ago, it did not rain but was sunny and much warmer.

The ferry ride is only 14 minutes across the Guadiana River but as soon as you arrive it’s completely different in so many ways, from Portugal.  The architecture, tile work, streets lined with decorative orange trees, and of course, the language.  It may be a small touristy town but, it’s a great way to wile away a few hours and experience a slightly different culture, and food.

We had a great time………Pat and Gary enjoyed seafood paella for lunch while Marc and I opted for the famous Spanish porc…….all good and we forgot to take photos!!   We headed back to Vila Real de Santo Antonio, put our purchases in the trunk then headed into the pedestrian area of Vial Real to browse and continue to enjoy the sunshine.

Today we headed to Estoi to enjoy the marvellous prato do dia at Snack Bar com Tradições,  Carne de porco à portuguesa

Before eating however, we enjoyed a lovely stroll in Estoi and a walk through at the gardens of the Pousada…..

For those of you that keep demanding it…finally a few desserts were devoured……..

We headed towards home and Marc, who was anxious to put paintbrush to canvas, opted to stay there while Patricia, Gary and myself headed off to walk the salt flats at Fuzeta.  The sun simply demanded we stay outside and burn off our colds.  What a delight it was to walk the flats and take in the variety of seabirds, the smell of the sea and get to enjoy a stroll around this tiny we town we all love so much.


Wonderful day………….and it’s not over as a wonderful pot of homemade vegetable bean soup sits simmering on the stove top.    Oh……I know that some of you are probably wondering so……….YES, Patricia got new shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “And so My Birthday Month Begins!!!!!!!!

  1. What a great time you seem to be having together! Can you imagine what it would be like if you liked each other and got along well?? No kidding, your pictures are beautiful and each of them reminds me of how great life can be in Algarve!!! Can’t wait to be back there! Hugs.


    1. And we too are very much looking forward to your arrival!!


    2. And we too cannot wait for your arrival.


  2. Wonderful blog today! With 75% of you feeling under the weather, you are doing all the right things to make for speedy recoveries…helpful drugs, good food, exercise in lovely sunshine, nourishing your souls with beautiful sights and sounds and enjoying warm, caring friendships! What could be better! Let’s say constant snow and minus 14 degrees ain’t cutting it for some! LOL!
    Favourite photos today, hands down…Marc in Blue, a little windswept Pat and Gary on boat, the four of you in the Pousada, all with gorgeous smiles, Fuzeta, the Four Graces and Ana’s rice pudding!!!
    Lastly, let me be possibly the first to say it, ‘Happy Birthday Month’! xoxo


    1. LOL…you didn’t really think that would be the first time to hear that did you? I’ve been teasing them with it all day long……..I think I might not see my actual birthday if I keep it up……that said, it IS Day 2!!!!!


  3. What wonderful photos and I am so glad that you still get out and about despite you being a bit under the weather shall we say? You certainly all look well! The food looks all wonderful and for me that rice pudding with the Portuguese cinnamon has a special place in my stomach!


    1. You’re a woman after my own heart with food!!! LOL


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