And The Good Life Continues!

Slowly we recuperate, and slowly our days slip by, which is a good thing.  For the most part, we’ve been enjoying sunny weather by the pool, an afternoon walk to a nearby restaurant for a bica or beer, and the occasional exploration along some road that piques curiosity.  Of course if I wandered down every road that piqued curiosity, they’d never find me!!!

It’s wonderful to have this little restaurant so close to us, about a 10-minute walk down an old farm road.  In our explorations, we discovered another restaurant about 10 minutes past that one…….choices.  I love it.

Yesterday I was in the mood to walk, a good sign I thought, and I left home to walk into Moncarapacho, where the gypsy market was being held.  Marc opted to stay at home and Pat and Gary decided to drive in a little later.

Walking along these old roads you see so much more than you do while driving.  Clumps of paperwhites growing in abundance around the base of old cork trees.  Evidence of more wild flowers popping through the ground getting ready to show their colourful faces.  Always something new to see.  Patricia opted to walk home with me.

Yesterday afternoon a group of us went to Silves to listen to some live music and celebrate the birthday eve of Gwen.  Lots of fun, a beautiful drive through the mountains with majestic vistas in every direction.  Sadly, no photos!!

Today, Monday February 5th is the “special” birthday of our perpetually smiling friend, Gwen McCauley.   Happy Birthday Gwen!





3 thoughts on “And The Good Life Continues!

  1. Happy Birthday Gwen! I almost feel I know you with the years of reading about you and seeing you in Randy’s and Marc’s blog. Beautiful flowers.


  2. Happy Birthday to Gwen!!! May the year to come be filled with heartfelt happiness and good health.

    The attitude oozing from that first picture is tipping the scales!!! LOL **Thug Life**

    The car with the eyelashes is a real cracker. LOL, You’ll have to get a picture of the ‘Premier’ next.

    The almond blossoms are so pretty. I would love strolling through a pretty pathway with them all around.

    Are those vibrant, deep pink flowers Gerbera Daisies???? Such a gorgeous splash of colour!

    That gate post does look like a fish. lol, It would be fitting, more so than the bunny.

    Love it all, keep it coming.

    Love and Hugs.


    1. Those flowers are osteospermums, which are related to the daisy/sunflower. They grow wild all over the Algarve in a multitude of colours. Just beautiful.


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