Monday Morning Work Blues…………..what’s that?????

Turned out to be a lovely sunny day.  The kind of day that makes you look out the window and think, what about the beach?!?!?!?  And then you think, I wonder WHICH beach I might visit today!!!   And then you have a brief moment where you think how lucky you are because so many of your friends at home have to get up and go to work in the cold and the snow and the dark……and for two seconds you shiver as you recall the Monday Morning Blues and then it become clear……..any each!!!!!

Sorry about that……a tiny moment of weakness took hold of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barril Beach turned out to be our final choice.  It included a lovely walk to and from the “mainland”.  It was close to Tavira, and we had an errand or two to run there AND one of our favourite restaurants is there, Zeca Bica.

There is extensive work happening on the beach.  Apparently they are placing very large pipes into the sand to reduce the amount of erosion and protect the island.  It’s quite unsightly right now but if it does the job, I’m all for it.  I expect they are working to get it accomplished before the tourist season starts.   In any case, we enjoyed a lovely walk in the sand.

Marc and I headed up to the patio of the restaurant near the beach to enjoy a coffee while Pat and Gary stayed behind to enjoy a few extra minutes in the sand……then eventually joined us.  How marvellous it is to be able to do this at whatever pace we like.

We meandered back the trail, which is about 2 kms, then onwards to Tavira.  Once in town, we found parking then headed off to dine at Zeca Bica, a place we like to go at least a couple of times during our time here.  Never a bad meal and today was no exception.

By mid afternoon there was quite a cloud cover but still relatively warm which motivated us to take a long lovely walk about in the older town of Tavira.  I am continually impressed with the building style, the use of colour and decoration.

A marvellous Monday…… blues anywhere in sight, unless you count the sky!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Work Blues…………..what’s that?????

  1. Lovely photos especially the beach and shells. Lunch looks great!


    1. Lunch was wonderful. I love that they are able to hunt and serve wild meat in the restaurants.


  2. LMAO at your tiny moment of weakness. I have to admit I was a wee bit envious of your comment … “The kind of day that makes you look out the window and think, what about the beach?!?!?!? And then you think, I wonder WHICH beach I might visit today!!! ”

    Sigh** So lovely a thought it was that for just the briefest of seconds my heart elated as if it were MY choice.

    Ok, ok. I LOVE the photo of Marcus having a quiet moment. Oh gosh, the twinkling of light flickering off the water, the sounds of the water and perhaps birds flooding the senses…. the sunshine beaming down… calmness, solitude. Just perfect. A beautiful capture.

    The picture of all three of them, each to their own device, is so lovely as well.

    What a lovely flower!! The darker stripe of orange with it’s green/brown towards the centre… 🙂

    Oh and that ‘ old dandelion’ is a wonderful person. He’s much younger in mind and body than I am!!! I love him dearly.

    Lunches looked wonderful.

    The streets, the designs, the colours. They are pleasing to the eye indeed.

    Canaries have such a lovely sound. The songs they sing are delightful. It’s the male canary that does the best singing tho…female canaries also sing, but their song is much simpler and less expressive than the male. If there are two males you won’t get the songs from them….now put a female close by… not in sight, but close by, ohhh the songs you will hear! You need to teach the bird how to sing as well. In the wild they learn from hearing others… so play a recording of other canary songs for him a few times and it’s amazing.

    LOLOL There, that’s your education on canaries for the day. { I almost got one a few years back but the allergies birds carry are quite bad for you so I opted out.}

    Love and hugs.


    1. You would love it here!! And yes, there is colour everywhere, you don’t have to hunt it down, it finds you!!


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