A Day of Walking

This morning Pat, Gary and I headed off for a lovely stroll through the country roads near home.  We feel so lucky and happy to have them available to us, to be able to avoid the highway and have the quiet and solitude, if you don’t count the barking dogs, to keep us company.  LOL

Marc had made a wonderful bean/tuna salad for lunch and so, after dining in the sunshine on the patio, we decided to head into Olhão, park and walk into the old part of town, enjoy a bica on a patio then hit the boardwalk along the sea and walk to the end.  That’s exactly how it all unfolded.

And so another day was wiled away doing what we do best……wandering aimlessly and thinking about our next meal.

2 thoughts on “A Day of Walking

  1. “Wintertime (in Portugal) and the livin’ is easy!” Great day of just ‘being’ and delighting in the moments…
    loved the angles you shot the balconies at, gorgeous architecture and colours. The corner sign was ingenious as well. The photo of Pat, Gary, Marc and you on the boardwalk is really lovely, very colour coordinated, particularly with the sky and water enhancing your ‘blues’. Doesn’t much get better than that! Actually, I know it will! Ha!Ha!
    Really enjoying your wandering and my wondering; love your blog..xoxo


    1. And to think…you TOO could be here!!!!


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