All About Colour

I am a happy man. I found my gloves and I thought I had lost them!!!! My medication leaves me cold all the time and they give me that additional layer I need at times.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about today other than, what a wonderful day it’s been!!!  I did a lovely long walk this morning.  We headed to Estoi for lunch at Snack Bar Com Tradições, delicious……..and met up with Gwen, her friend Howie, and our friends Bonnie and Ken.  What fun it is to meet up with friends from home in Portugal.  Bonnie and Ken came back here for a visit and tea/coffee then after they left, Pat, Gary and myself headed off for a lengthy walk, Gary headed home at a strategic point while Pat and I continued for a bit longer………..right now the cork is pulled, the music is entertaining us and the magnificent scent of Pat’s pulled pork and spinach pie is tantalizing our taste buds……life is so tough!!

I love this upcoming shot of Bonnie and Ken…….with the other fellow in the background,  they all look as if they are in church and praying!!!



And then there is motley crew… courtesy of Marc


And last but not least……as Pat and I walked up our street a few minutes ago…………this suddenly loomed in front of us.



8 thoughts on “All About Colour

  1. Was it too cold to have lunch on the patio today? Or was it raining? In any case, you seemed to be having a good time! Your photos are beautiful as always! Hugs to all of you


    1. It was much too windy…..we would have blown away!!!! If you’ve never had Simao’s seafood rice, you are in for a treat. Delicious but you will need only half…it’s enormous. Soon you will be here!!!!!


  2. Loved the group photo! And smiling Ana and Gwen too. I was sure smiling when I saw that seafood rice…looked delicious!
    The flowers are always such a source of enjoyment, every season and every one in its uniqueness. You’re right, that cactus looked like a sculpture…unreal! Ha!Ha! And…that was one mighty fine sunset!
    Merci buckets! xoxo


    1. So much colour again this year and always, something new.


  3. Love the flowers! And so many colours! I love the photo of you with the gloves on! Reminds me of my friend Arlette who always had gloves on when we walked the Camino. She wears gloves on both hands when we play golf!


    1. All the colour are wonderful at any time of the year but especially when at home it’s so wintery still. Your calm sea looked lovely today.

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  4. Thanks, Randy. As always, the pictures are great. As always, makes me wish we were there, too.
    Warm wishes from the cold side of the Atlantic.


    1. Hey Andrea……thanks for the feedback. Right now the sun is shining and the sky a cloudless blue…..wish you could be here to see it and enjoy the day.


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