Where Does the Time Go!!

It’s been yet another few whirlwind days and I haven’t any explanation as to why I haven’t posted a blog!  The days seem to get gobbled up and of course, time along with that!

We had a couple of days of very cool windy weather and with that, we decided to lay low in the mornings and enjoy our leisure time at home….each of us engrossed in one project or another and then do something later in the day, once it’s warmed up as much as it’s going to.

Let’s see………

For those of you that have followed my blogs from other years, you’ll know who I mean when I say “Gwen and Diane”…….well, they arrived in Fuzeta along with Jan, Carol and Karen……….I hate to admit it but I had my camera on the wrong setting yesterday so you’re going to have to wait to meet some of them.

It’s so wonderful to have the Canadian “east coast” crew here.  We look forward to many grand adventures over the next five weeks!!

Today we headed into Estoi to attend the monthly “Gypsy” market.  Always a wonderful fun experience.  We managed to convince Bonnie and Ken to join us.

Right now in Portugal it’s time for Carnivale.   What is Carnival?  Historically, during the six weeks of Lent, one was expected to be conservative in their behaviour, which meant no dancing, no late night debauchery and most certainly no savoury meats, fatty dairy, or sugar-laden sweets.  But with so many enticing goods around the house, it’s almost impossible to “follow the rules”.  Hence, the grand tradition of basking in pure, unadulterated gluttony, to prepare for weeks of humble piety.  And here, it all starts with parades and celebrations galore.

Great fun had by all and it’s not even the main event.  Wait till Tuesday.

And of course, there are always a few shots that are simply taken for their loveliness……..

And so time flies by………adventures occur…………and all is good in the world.
















8 thoughts on “Where Does the Time Go!!

  1. Rand…love all the people and moments you captured. It leaves me so envious of your camera skills. It was a grand day…Carnival on Tuesday should be a riot of colour and activity. Thanks so much for the blog.


    1. Gives me great pleasure……..thanks honey!


  2. Great photos of the market and carnival parade. Nice to see pics of Gwen & Diane enjoying Portugal. Hope Gary gets to see painted ladies on Tuesday …ha’


    1. I think he might see one or two…………we’re bringing a paper bag in the event of hyper ventilation!!


  3. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous blog and what a carnival I would have loved! Bad knee and all! You have captured the spirit, the festivities, colours, people, old and young, and the fun so well! And to think I have 6 weeks of no debauchery or frivolity prior to Lent as well for a different reason. What a wonderful experience you’ve all had…your faces speak volumes!
    Can’t decide on a favourite pic after reading the blog three times! Loved every one of them as I look out into the mountains of snow in my back yard! Ha!Ha!
    Glad Gwen, Diane et al all arrived safely and are already experiencing the beauty and joys of Portugal! Such an enviable adventure!
    Really looking forward to at least some debauchery! Keep up the good work! xoxo


    1. You would only be entitled to three weeks…you’d have to make up for all the other years of misbehaving!!


  4. I love all the colour in these photos! You do have quite the eye for finding the perfect shot Randy! My favourite shot is the one of the women, sitting and watching everything, not a smile on any of their faces! Hope Tuesday brings not only dancing girls but dancing men also to get a smile or two!


    1. Merci Michèle. Great to be here during Carnivale………stay tuned for tomorrows photos!! I’ll see what I can do for you in the area of dancing men!!

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