Mardi Gras……Carnivale……Fat Tuesday

12 thoughts on “Mardi Gras……Carnivale……Fat Tuesday

  1. Elliot Glennis Doiron February 13, 2018 — 11:23 pm

    Looks like you all enjoyed a great, colourful parade. Really neat costumes.


  2. Wow, what beautiful costumes! The colours and designs are fantastic. I would have loved to have been there to hear the music and the crowd and to see all the dancing in person. I imagine you were all having a ball.

    Looking forward to the next post.
    Stay happy.


    1. It was pretty fabulous. And yes, the colour is amazing……you don’t know where to look it’s all so vibrant.


  3. Wow, such great photos! Glad to see you got some photos of dancing gals and guys, as requested & some just painted..ha! It looked like so much fun for all.


    1. I can just see you swinging your hips now Miss Joannie!


  4. Your beautiful photos remind me of last year when we were there as well! Such a great time we had!!! And, so did you today as I can see!!!


    1. And just so you know, your names did come up a couple of times yesterday in reference to last years event. Out of sight but not out of mind!!! See you very soon.


  5. What a fabulous day and a wonderful blog…you sure captured the frivolity and joie de vie of everyone, participants and onlookers alike! Loved the colours, fabulous creative costumes, including the painted lady…and, oh, my heart, the dancing men! I would certainly have had a ball…so much to take in!
    Loved all the familiar smiles of enjoyment! xoxo


    1. Frivolity you say!!!! Shame on you, nothing frivolous about it…..very serious Carnivale!!! LOL


  6. Well you certainly captured the atmosphere and the jolly mood! The colours are spectacular and oh, thank you for the dancing men! I especially liked the one in blue! Though from other comments, I see I am not the only one who is appreciative! Nothing like this in Florida!


    1. How does it feel to know your name comes up in a foreign country by people you don’t even know?? LOL I told them I was going to take a photo of a dancing man for you and people would call out to me… comes one for M, get your camera ready!!!


      1. Well no wonder my ears were burning yesterday!

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