What Day of the Week Is It?????

With all the celebrations and energy of Carnivale behind us, I find I’m totally confused about what day of the week it is.  Carnivale felt like Sunday but of course, it was Tuesday!  I guess, given we are all retirees, what the heck does it really matter!!!!   As long as we make it to Lisboa for our flight to the Azores on Tuesday morning, all will be good.

Yesterday we enjoyed a delightful lunch at a wonderful tapas bar in Fuzeta.  We met up with Konrad and Eswald, owners of the quinta we stayed in last year in Estoi, and will return to again on March 31st.  Loads of outrageous laughter, which seems to erupt whenever Konrad is near.

Our meal was truly phenomenal and plentiful.  We plan on returning once Laurie (our sister in law) visits us in late March.  It’s a perfect location for a hot day.  It’s located directly on the salt flats at Fuzeta, which means you get to see…….

Once home, stuffed with all that wonderful food, Pat, Gary and myself decided to head out for a walk.  Gary headed back after half an hour or so (he’s in the middle of a good book and it kept calling out to him) while Pat and I continued.  How I love exploring all these wonderful farm lanes/roads/paths etc. around the countryside.  I particularly enjoyed the jaunt today.

Today, Thursday, was another extraordinary day in terms of weather and warmth.  We all enjoyed a lazy morning immersed in whatever individual activity interested us knowing that at noonish we were heading to Estoi for wonderfully delicious Arroz de Pato (Duck Rice) at Snack Bar Com Tradições.  My taste buds were anticipating!!!

Gwen joined us and a few hours of friendship, laughter and good food was the order of the day.

We walked Gwen back towards home as we had parked near the Pousada in order to enjoy a bit of a walk…….there is always something to appreciate it…..

We made a quick stop at the pottery in Moncarapacho to see what was new……

And that brings us more or less up to date.  Tomorrow is a picnic day…….with a few other folks……..but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to have more details on that excursion.  Until then………tchau.

6 thoughts on “What Day of the Week Is It?????

  1. Although I enjoy all your blogs, I really enjoyed it today. From the blue door, Gwen’s hat & glasses, tapas bar food and Snack Bar food, it was all great! And then came the donkey & I laughed so much…ha! I did bond with the donkey in Spain & enjoyed waking up overlooking the valley in Northern Spain & hearing ‘hee haw’ each morning. After the trip, Pat bought me a lovely ceramic piece with a donkey, so that memory is with me always. Thanks for the memory!


    1. Isn’t it wonderful to have such wonderful memories……and they keep on giving!!


  2. Lots of great shots today and yesterday of people, food, flowers and ‘stuff’…your lunch in Fuseta looked so good (on my list!) and Simao’s duck rice made my mouth start drooling! I must make it!
    Everyone looks so happy!
    I never tire of the flamingoes…such beauty and grace, even when they are sleeping! And the flowers, especially the bottle brush, never fail to amaze me! My Christmas cactus is in full bloom…must have decided to bloom with the talk here of all the flowers in Portugal!
    Chalk up another appreciated blog! xoxo


    1. I will make you duck rice the next time you come to Ottawa


  3. That tapas meal looks absolutely wonderful! I is always fun to eat a meal that is shared and that a lot of it can be eaten with fingers! I love the colours in your blog posts. Weather looks beautiful, warmer than it has been from your attire. And hats, I love seeing you all with hats. Don’t remember seeing you in a hat Randy.


    1. I can’t wear hats! I do from time to time but, it gives me a horrible headache for some reason. I’m so sensitive!!!! LOL


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