Mistakes are not all bad!!

Today we had decided to head to Olhão then take the ferry over to Culatra Island.  I had done the research and given all detail to one and all.  We met at the kiosk at the designated time and discovered the ferry for Culatra had already left and that in fact the schedule I had looked at, was for Armona Island!!!!   Oh well, thank goodness it worked out.

Armona is 9 kilometers in length, and from 0.1 to 1 km wide.  The ferry ride, approximately 20 minutes.  The island is populated with a large number of beach houses and 5 cafe bars. The main beach on the Atlantic side of the island is pristine and uncrowded, which you will see from our photos.

Once we docked we enjoyed a leisurely stroll, about a km long, to the furthest side of the island and the practically empty beach.  Clearly we are off season, which was great for us.

Once we “claimed” our piece of beach it didn’t take long for the food to start coming out.  Red and white vino, water, olives, cheeses, chicken, eggs, sandwiches, octopus, almonds, potato chips, bread, and fresh raspberries.  What a feast.

A wonderful way to wile away a gorgeous day.  Sadly Diane is fighting a bug and ended up having to stay home and recuperate.  She was there in spirit however and her name did come up a few times.  A good excuse to repeat this excursion another time!!

And finally, filled with sunshine and sand in a few places we didn’t bargain for……we headed back to catch the ferry back to the mainland.


7 thoughts on “Mistakes are not all bad!!

  1. Well that was a lovely mistake! If they’re going to be made, that’s the way to make them. LOL

    I love seeing all, well most, {poor Diane} of the gang together. I can almost hear the laughter and feel the fun.

    The weather appeared to be beautiful and warm, great for relaxing on the beach with a picnic.

    I just love the hand painted wall tile of the boy and his dog, I too am sure there’s a wonderful story behind it.

    Love and Hugs.


    1. Yes, it was a grand day and laughter was everywhere. We actually lucked out with the smaller island as it was pretty well ours!!


  2. Sounds like a lovely day had by all even if the designated island was not a go! The beaches looked so nice & the lunch time feast sounded so good. You are sure to have a great sleep tonight after the fresh air and sunshine.


    1. Good sleep had by all……athough I was beaten in three games of cards last night so I fell asleep slower than others. Licking my wounds!!!


      1. So sad but too funny – to the guy that always wants to win at cards …ha!


  3. O.K.! O.K.! Enough already! LOL! What a wonderful error in timing but not judgement! You have found yourselves a terrific new picnic spot….looks like it was not well populated with other tourists. Sadly Diane was not feeling well but still lots of opportunity to go again.
    Love everyone’s bright colours, hats and smiling faces…wonderful comraderie and fun! Still crazy after all these years….xoxo


    1. Yes, they are all so conscientious with their hats. We did have a grand day.


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