We’re Still Alive……Damp…..But Happy

We’ve been experiencing a few days of very heavy rains, phenomenal winds and even a small tornado in Faro!!  Minimal damage.  It keeps us at home a bit more than we might be otherwise but……we are safe, dry and warm and that’s what counts.

We did enjoy a warm and dry day a few days ago and took advantage of that to meet up with Gwen Smith for a lovely walk on the flats.  Marc opted to stay home and work on one of the many projects he has underway these days.  Less distractions with the rest of us gone!

Since then, rain, wind, rain, wind, rain, wind……I think you get the drift.  The thing that is not lacking is food.  Wonderful food!!

Today was heavy fog/mist, lots of brilliant sunshine and frequent unannounced heavy rain showers.  I went outside to have a walk around the property and see things were faring with the winds…..

And so…….life here moves along a bit more tranquilly these days as we spend a bit more time at home, which is not a complaint, simply a statement of fact.  Tomorrow we will meet up with a group of friends for lunch…come rain or shine.   Given how the storm called Emma has been mistreating Europe in general, we are happy that it’s only wind and rain that interrupts our lives.

7 thoughts on “We’re Still Alive……Damp…..But Happy

  1. I think you lucked out in southern Portugal. Friends of ours in the Minervois region of France, near Montpellier, woke up to snow! Airports and highways closed everywhere!


    1. We do feel very very lucky…and are grateful!


  2. Meant to comment on the dried fish! Never see it in your plates!

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  3. We are in a no snow zone!! Better off than others here in Europe. Have a banana bread in the oven…bananas from our tree outside. Loving that we can just reach out to get lemons, oranges( although Gary has eaten all the ones on our trees) and fresh rosemary. Loving it.


  4. Hey there…how wonderful that you all can make lemonade out of lemons and even have an expert baker along to make banana bread! So glad you have missed the brunt of the bad European winter and also escaped the bad Canadian winter in parts. I’d say that’s the luck of the Irish but I am not there! LOL!
    I daresay I am experiencing an early spring in my home with the many bouquets of beautiful spring flowers….
    everything from roses, snapdragons, mums, gerberas to daisies, lilies and tulips, etc. Feeling very blessed!
    Hope the weather improves shortly and you’re back to the beach! Big hugs all around! xoxoxoxo


    1. Life, as we know it, is more than grand. Recover quickly and get your dancing shoes back out!!!!


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