Sunday Adventures

Having woken up to yet another sunny morning, and knowing heavy rains were scheduled to recommence in the afternoon, we took advantage of the break in the skies to head into Estoi.   We knew we would be lunching there later and thought that a lovely walk in the hills would be a perfect way to ensure an appetite and get a little exercise and fresh air.

We enjoyed our walk very much.  It’s amazing how green everything is and how many blossoms are starting to show up following these rains.  I can only imagine in a few more days.

As we headed back into Estoi we were walking along when Gary asked if anybody knew of Diane and Benoit’s plans for the day…… we rounded the corner…..literally…..


We ran into Diane and Benoit, out for a stroll and then heading to Ana and Simão’s for lunch.  How much fun.

Our full lunch crew……Marc, Gwen, Jan Coen, Benoit, Diane, Gary, Patricia and moi. A passerby offered to take this.

We have both come to realize that we have more of a social life here than we do at home.  Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves.

We managed to avoid the rain until on the way home, and then the skies opened.  Once home we busied ourselves with individual projects…….I was standing by the window looking out at the rains and the ever-changing sky when suddenly, right before my eyes, a tornado!!  I first noticed what I thought was a big bird whirling upwards but then I thought it was too large for a bird.  Suddenly there were others and then I recognized it was items from the greenhouses at the edge of our neighbourhood.  Then I recognized the whirling funnel cloud!!!   Scary.   Happily no damage near us but Faro, Pechão and Moncarapacho all saw damage.  Hopinng no people were hurt.

For the balance of the day we kept losing and regaining our electricity……..made for an adventurous evening.  And so, as all blogs must come to an end, I leave you with the photo of the day…….

Miss Gwen’s sexy shoe and sock combination!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Adventures

  1. What a lovely day you had between rain events! That roast pork dinner looked so good & having good company to share it with. It is on my agenda this week. I have to say Gwen’s shoes are so gorgeous & the purple socks are a fun combo ..ha!


    1. That Gwen is a real fashion plate!!!


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