Our Weather Continues to Boil!

I am getting itchy for this terrible weather front to move along.  I’m grateful, on behalf of the local farmers, that rain has finally arrived BUT….these winds and unpredictable clouds are blocking my daily vitamin D from the source.  I’ve had enough!!!

That said, we do make the best of each day and tend to accomplish much, including getting out and about.

Faro was our destination on Monday as Marc and I had an appointment with Immigration to apply for our residency here in Portugal.  Pat and Gary decided to come along and explore some of Faro and take in a fado performance.  We all managed a bit of wandering and exploring, which is one of my favourite things to do.

Great day despite frustration with the immigration folks……we have to go back for another meeting as I needed two other documents which they only determined during this meeting!!!  Sigh……….

We drove back towards home for lunch and stopped at  Cantinho Da Lili in Estoi.

Bitoque de Peru…which is turkey scallopini topped with an egg……yummy. Gary had a wonderful looking liver dish but I forgot to take a photo.

On the way out of the restaurant I noticed a lovely kumquat tree loaded with fruit……it never crossed my mind to pick a few of them……..next time however!!!


Today we woke to cloudy skies but no rain.  A great day to do what????  We touched base with our Nova Scotia/Newfoundland friends and discovered that one of them, Jan, had plans for the day and the other four were “planless” so……..off I went to pick them up, brought them back here for tea then all of us walked to a nearby restaurant for lunch and a further visit.   Fun, laughter, a lovely walk and visit…….life doesn’t get a whole lot better.

On the way home we took the long route in order to enjoy a walk and celebrate the lack of rain.   My sister JoAnn’s favourite flowers are freesia……tpday I saw my first bunch of them and thought of her.


What a great day.   Once I dropped the “girls” at home Pat, Marc and myself headed back to Estoi…..more paperwork for Immigration…..then onward to the grocery store…..I loved this display for sardine paste……don’t even ask me why I always take my camera to the grocery store!!!!!!


And so, here we are at the end of another magnificent day in the Algarve.   Our music entertains us………our bellies are full……….vino is plentiful………and life, as we know it….is beyond GRAND.


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