A Bit of This and a Bit of That!

Our primary objective the last few days has been to avoid getting soaked in one of the many downpours we have had.  Two storm fronts have been hovering around us and wreaking havoc.   Here is a shot of our pool just to give you and indications of water level!!


Right up to the edge, no space to go any further except the patio.  Fortunately today, Saturday, we woke to sunny skies and it stayed with us most of the day.  According to the forecast it will be short-lived but hey, we don’t have to shovel it and temperatures are quite comfortable.

So what have we been doing……..lunches out seem to be a consistent thing……..after all, we have to eat!!

We enjoyed a lovely time with Bela, Harald, Benoit, Diane and the four of us at Sabores do Campo in São Brás de Alportel.   Harald and Bela had recommended it and for us, it’s always wonderful to be introduced to a new place.  I completely forgot to take photos of the main plates…….breaded turkey cutlets.  Such pleasure in hanging out with wonderful people and sharing in conversations, stories and getting to know one other more intimately.

Estoi is only 6 kms from us and visiting with Ana,  Simão and Elsa at Snack Bar Com Tradições feels just like eating at home and we go when we can.  How wonderful for us to get to enjoy “home cooked” traditional Portuguese meals and socialize with friends at the same time.

Today, Saturday, Simão was preparing Bochechas de porco….pork cheeks.   I have had them a few times over the last few years at various restaurants but never as tender and delicious as his…………he has kindly offered to have Marc come to the restaurant and learn how to prepare them!!!  I hope he spills all his secrets.


We enjoyed the sunshine, patio, camaraderie with Gwen, Pat, Gary, the folks at the restaurant then Susie and Gus, two friends we’ve met who live here but are from Scotland.  Again, I keep saying it, what a life we have here in this wonderful place.

Heading home I thought it would be nice to continue on to Fuzeta and enjoy a walk along the beach.  Marc opted to head to the house but Pat, Gary and I continued.  We found the beach quite lively with wind paragliders and what delight and pleasure in watching them for a while.

We decided to stop and see if the NS/NL crew was at home.  They leave on Monday for England then Canada.  They’ve had miserable weather this past two weeks but have made the best of it.  We found them at home………

Karen and Carol in the limoncello………you do what you can to stay dry and entertained from the rain.

Back when there were no cameras for fishermen to record their trophy catches, the Japanese came up with a unique printing method called Gyotaku. Gyo means fish, and Taku means impression, and the technique involved just that – using freshly caught fish to make inky impressions on paper.  Jan had connected with a woman here in Portugal who works in this method and he had taken some lessons……here are two samples of his amazing work…..I am so impressed and what a wonderful souvenir for him to return to Newfoundland with…….

This evening the four of us will join with Harald and Bela in attending a concert in Faro.  Cantadores da Aldeia Nova de S. Bento., a group of male singers, performing traditional folk music from the Alentejo Region.  Can’t wait to hear them.


5 thoughts on “A Bit of This and a Bit of That!

  1. Very nice photos & you are obviously making the best of inclement weather. Nice pics of food, flowers & obviously all of you. The art work is unique and quite beautiful. We had some snow but quickly melting- it feels very much like spring is coming! I am keeping busy watching men’s curling which ends tomorrow evening. Clock springs ahead tonight.


    1. Sure you’re watching “men’s curling”…..probably just men!!!


      1. Nothing wrong with that.. ha! Really routing for Brad Gushue from Nfld – he is Doing so well!


  2. Sounds and feels like a wonderful day despite the weather! Loved Jan’s fish printings…ancient art form. Quite enamoured with your food photos…pork cheeks will be a real treat with Marc’s attention to detail!…yum yum!
    Speaking of attention to detail, exercise time! Daylight Saving last night…seems way too early!
    Enjoy the festival today! xoxo


  3. Wonderful photos! Is the water warm enough in the pool to swim, at least to exercise? I love the fish etchings. I have a glass plate with a Gyotaku etching. Quite interesting. That “mari” of yours Randy is a handsome fella. Watch out!


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