Sunshine, Glorious Sunshine

Today I got a full serving of vitamin D directly from the source.  A happy man I am!!!!

Once our laundry was hanging outside and breakfast was a thing of the past, Patricia, Gary and I headed off to conquer São Miguel.  Marc was feeling a bit inspired and stayed home to paint.

The sun felt so wonderful on our skin after the last two weeks of constant rain or drizzle.

I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed this excursion following our recent spate of storms.

Once done we headed home to collect Marc and head off for lunch.  Monday’s many restaurants in Portugal are closed, which makes finding a place that interests us as bit challenging.  Our first few choices were closed and as luck would have it, one of our favourites in Fuzeta was open.


You will have to take my word for it that the Frango No Churrasco (chicken on the grill) was fabulous.   A typical marinade mixture of olive oil, white wine, garlic, bay leaf, lemon juice and paprika is used and when ordered they remove it from the marinade and grill it.  The paprika is obviously a hot one as it leaves the lips tingling.   Very very good.  Once lunch was done we headed to the sea for a walk along the boardwalk and beach.  How could we not on a day like this.

Laundry was dry by the time we arrived home and hey, it’s almost five o’clock and I do believe that might be gin and tonic time…….just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Sunshine, Glorious Sunshine

  1. So nice to see you are getting some sunshine & hope it continues! Brad Gushue from NFLD won the Brier last night- such a great team. We’re on for a 3rd Nor’easter in a week, but hoping it’s rain – we’ll see. Love the Frango in Portugal & I did eat a lot of it, but so good. Looking forward to Pat making pork cheeks if we can find them here. I will check it out.


    1. Well hurray for Brad and all NLers. Great news. You’ll love pigs cheeks!


  2. Oh, Yay!!!!!! Sunshine!!! I know the rain was needed but the sunshine just soothes the soul.

    I love your selfie on top of São Miguel.

    The windblown look is a good one on all of you, even Gary!!! Hehehee

    Oh, do you think Marc has enough ‘fish’ paintings done yet? LOL Seaweed it is then. Grin*

    We had a snow most of the day here. Not the stuff that stays on the ground though. They were huge flakes that float down slowly and melts as it hits the ground. It’s a very pretty snow but it would have been prettier in December!

    Looking forward to the next post.



    1. I’ll pass along your wind blown comments to all!!! LOL


  3. Happy to hear you had sunny day to match your disposition! Wonderful familiar photos and…Sao Miguel is on my list for my next trip! Big hugs, P


    1. You’d better be doing double, or even triple the current exercises if you want to conquer Sao Miguel!!!


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