The Tides Eb and Flow

Today we said our goodbyes to Benoit and Diane who will return to Canada tomorrow.  We feel blessed to have had a few wonderful visits with them during their time here but as always……never enough.  The good thing is, we’ll see them shortly after we return to Canada.  Safe travels.IMG_0705

A lovely sunny day greeted us on waking……albeit windy.  After breakfast I decided to head out with the recycle with the hidden agenda of trying to find orchids, which I knew would be in bloom around now.   SUCCESS   It doesn’t take much to get me to do my happy dance!!

As I mentioned earlier, today was to be a lunch with Diane and Benoit to bid them adieu and bon voyage………..and so 12h30 we headed off for Estoi, Snack Bar Com Tradições , where else……for our get together.

Marc took the photo…….hence the empty chair and the absence of his wonderful face!

As always we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the added element of being able to introduce Laurie to all our friends and have her enjoy Estoi so much……….what a great day.

From there Laurie, Gary, Patricia and myself decided to head off to São Brás de Alportel to explore and walk around, hoping to walk the old Roman Road.  Marc opted to stay and visit with Gwen, Susie and Gus a bit longer and Gwen would drive him home.

And so another wonderful day is drawing to a close……….lots of walking…..the Roman Road sadly was under water……….another time.     And with that, I leave you with my wind blown selfie this morning……it should make you smile.


8 thoughts on “The Tides Eb and Flow

  1. Two wonderful posts today & Happy to see everyone getting together & having some lovely meals. I just love those little orchids- Mother Nature is so amazing to create these lovely flora. Nice to see Laurie arrived safely & you will get to show her Portugal. Those pork chops looked so good today! Spring is arriving in Halifax – beautiful spring like day. Nor’easter arriving tomorrow but hope it’s rain at the end as we are planning dinner tomorrow evening.


    1. Thanks for the commentary Joannie. We are so happy to have the sunshine back and to see things like the orchids…..WOW. It’s simple but what pleasure. Stay warm and dry.


  2. Safe Travels to Benoit and Diane. I’m sure they’re already looking forward to their next visit there.

    I have never found orchids to be an attractive flower. I know friends that simply LOVE them but I’ve never understood that attraction. LOL

    OMG At Ana’s new dessert!!! Two of my favourite things put together!!!! Yummmmmmmm.

    So how was the orange “thingy” after all????? You didn’t comment on how you liked it so I’m thinking that perhaps you didn’t. LOL

    Love your wind blown selfie. 🙂

    Everyone looks like they’re having a grand time, I love it.

    Much love all around.


    1. The particular orchids are about as big as a house fly so…….just look at them again, knowing that and take in the detail. As for the orange “thingy”….nope……I didn’t really enjoy it. I simply don’t have a sweet tooth even when the sweet is minimal.


  3. Loved the blog today, such variety; I read it smiling the entire time! Great farewell for Diane and Benoit and a warm welcome for Laurie…Ana’s has become such a meeting where good food and fun reigns endlessly!
    Truly amazed at the orchids and found it almost difficult to believe they are members of the plant family and not the insect world. You are right…nature is truly marvellous! Do any of these varieties exist in Canada?

    Now that the sun has returned hopefully to stay, your adventures will be most exciting and bring some surprises, I am sure. I know Laurie is in for a trip if a lifetime with the two best travel guides on the planet who are related to her! Hang on, Laurie!

    Love and hugs to all,


    1. Those varieties do not grow in Canada…….they are tiny tiny tiny. , which made looking for them and finding them such an adventure. I’m hoping to see a few more varieties over the next while with some of our stopping along the mountain roads during our upcoming road trip.


  4. Oh how I envy you all now that we are back in Canada! I would love to see those tiny, tiny orchids in person! And the camaraderie evident in that photo of you all at the café makes me envious! Enjoy the sun!


    1. The orchids blow my mind. So tiny and the detail…..WOW. Hope you are keeping dry and warm


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