And The Beat Goes On!

Today we hung out in Tavira with Pat’s cousin Pam and her friend Lorraine.  What a great twosome and what a wonderful day!

The day was about wandering, gabbing, shopping, gabbing, photo taking, gabbing…….you get the drift.  The theme of the day for me, was colour colour and colour. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

We made a trip to see Pam’s and Lorraine’s apartment…….wonderful location and quite lovely.  From there we wandered towards the opposite side of the river to find a place for lunch and ended up at

IMG_2661  Marc and I had eaten here once before and loved it, today was no exception…….great food, wonderful service and once again, a marvelous connection with another charming Portuguese restaurant owner.

And, as is always the case, a lovely walk after eating…………the town seemed busier than usual, probably a result of many things but certainly all the folks coming out and basking in the immense sunshine following our month of heavy and consistent rains.

A grand and wonderful visit with two lovely folks……….I know that they will enjoy every moment in this beautiful place and for sure we will hang out again before they head off.  In the meantime………I think Laurie is hunting for a new business to keep her occupied…..

This morning (Thursday), Laurie, Marc and myself are heading off on a five day adventure…… blogs for the next few days as I won’t have my lap-top BUT…..wait till I get home.

2 thoughts on “And The Beat Goes On!

  1. Loved, loved the poppies! So marvellous the Heralds and Keans have family together in Portugal, enjoying so many magical moments! Lovely photos today! Merci buckets!


  2. Have a great trip guys. See you next week. Us. X.


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