Tomar and Fatima

A great sleep, lazy wake-up, freshen up and breakfast then off to Tomar on route to Fatima.

Tomar was originally an order of the Knights Templar, and the fortification known as the Convent of Christ and considered one of the greatest works of the Portuguese Renaissance. It sits high on the hill above the village.   We had a funny moment……..we couldn’t find the route up and so we walked around the village looking for the entrance.  A very old woman, looking out her window, called down to us…..she pointed up to the castle and seemed to ask us if that was where we were going.  We, not speaking a word of Portuguese, nodded “yes”!!!  She pointed at a tiny winding road and motioned for us to go up and so, up we went.  About four kms or so into this upward journey, all the while battling rain showers, I turned to Marc and Laurie and told them that the old woman was probably all toasty warm in her apartment cackling and saying, “the silly buggers believed me”!!!!!!!    Happily, she did not send us astray.

I can honestly say the three of us totally enjoyed our wandering in this old town and certainly the Convento de Cristo.  The town is lovely, many pedestrian streets and on this particular day, quiet.   We must have spent about three or four hours wandering then the inevitable…..lunch……


From here we headed on to Fatima, about another 45 minutes.  The town is not much, hotel after hotel but it is home to the Sanctuary of Fátima, a Catholic pilgrimage site.  Personally, I didn’t have any specific expectation but…….it was worth the stop.

We checked into our hotel for the next two nights then walked the 20 minutes or so to the Sanctuary.  I won’t caption the photos as they speak for themselves.  It was tranquil, elegant and all three of us expressed that we were happy to have seen it.

The rain kept coming on and off to keep us company and the wind had come up.  We headed back to the hotel, sat in the bar and enjoyed a glass of champagne (me) and red wine (Marc and Laurie) then finally, headed out for dinner.    We found a place that had these wonderful copper grills whereby you prepared your own meat and they supplied all the condiments.  Pleasurable and fun, it was a great way to wind down another fabulous day of wandering.

And finally, during our wanderings……we saw this and how could we NOT take a photo.


1 thought on “Tomar and Fatima

  1. Yes, you certainly targeted some beautiful spots on your trip….Tomar was spectacular and probably the walk up to it was worth 5 pounds off this tired old body today! Not a bad thing! Fatima was not what I expected but as a fallen Catholic, I should have no expectations!
    Very impressed with your food choices, everything looked delicious! Marc’s chocolate dessert was a little suspect! xoxo


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