Batalha, Nazaré and Obidos

Our wonderful adventure continued with a day trip from Fatima.  The plan, take in three small and very different villages.  Explore, wander and drink it all in.  Following another great breakfast at our hotel, and with sunny blue skies to accompany us (finally), off we headed.

First stop, Batalha, which means battle.  The huge surprise here was the Monastery of Batalha!

We were in awe of this place, especially finding it tucked in this tiny town.  From here, off to Nazaré.  It was the least favourite of my trip but in fairness, the winds were up and the beach, as you can see, empty.  We did get to enjoy the huge indoor market which was a treat but…….we didn’t stay in the town very long.

From here, our final destination, other than heading back to Fatima!!  Obidos.  We all three loved it and walked our respective asses off!!

Fabulous day……wonderful wanderings and memories created.  I would certainly recommend checking out all three of these places.    We headed back through the countryside towards Fatima……another winding route filled with farmland, vineyards and many tiny villages.  We had a long day ahead of us for Monday with the drive to home and so a great dinner…a good night sleep and my favourite shot of the day….


1 thought on “Batalha, Nazaré and Obidos

  1. I am finally catching up on your recent blogs and enjoying them thoroughly. The Batalha Monastary blew me away! Constantly in awe of the creativity, expertise and longevity of European architecture, considering the tools and skills of the times. Hard to fathom! I loved the beach photo with the fishing boats…the colours tranquility and composition..perfect! Yes, a road trip that yearns for duplication! I may know of an interested party of one! xoxo


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