The Long Road Home

We left Fatima at 9h50 and arrived at the house at 17h50!!!  Not a complaint from any of us as the drive was phenomenal.  We stayed off the major routes and took smaller roads all the way home.  What a glorious country this continues to be for us.   Every turn in the road provided us with extraordinary vistas……vineyards, both old and newly established.  Immense cork forests and pine forests…..and of course the ubiquitous eucalyptus.  The leaves change their colour and shape as the tree matures. In young trees and regrowth, the leaves are fat and silvery green but as the tree grows, the top leaves become longer and thinner and tinged with red.  Gorgeous to behold.

We stopped several times along the route to take a coffee and stretch our legs.  Lunch in Montemor O Novo…….delightful and delicious……a true Mom and Pop place.

What tremendous memories the three of us will have for the rest of our lives.


1 thought on “The Long Road Home

  1. This is a perfect day! Could the sky be any bluer…OMG!! I’d like to think that those magnificent poppies were solely for me but any lover of flowers would agree on the immense beauty and their power of hope. Thank you …they are already copied in my photos for future pleasure!
    Yes, your 5 day sojourn certainly got my wheels turning…such beauty in simplicity overwhelms me sometimes. The lupines! xoxo


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