Another Page is Turned

Since our return from our trip the weather has been phenomenal.   It hit 32 degrees at one point yesterday but for the most part, it’s been in the mid 20’s.  Glorious sunshine, blue skies and beach wanderings.

On Tuesday we headed to Faro beach and low and behold, I forgot my camera!!  The devastation to the beach area from the tornado a couple of weeks ago was shocking to see.  Chunks of shoreline gone and damage to most of the boardwalk and various platforms along the dunes.  The work has started on repairs and hopefully it will return to a new normal soon enough.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Marc opted for a car free day while Patricia, Gary, Laurie and I headed for Barril Beach.  Parts of it are closed for repairs but much of it is open.  We enjoyed a more than glorious walk.

We walked for a couple of hours then crossed the dunes back to the car and on to Fuzeta to enjoy a drink on a patio near the sea.  How could Pat and Gary leave without one final goodbye to Fuzeta.

Today, Thursday, was packing day for most of us.  Pat and Gary were catching the 14h00 train from Faro to Lisboa.  Laurie, Marc and I are moving to the quinta in Estoi Saturday morning……….we all started organizing for these next phases.  It was a welcomed distraction from Pat’s and Gary’s imminent departure.  We started the morning however with a community breakfast on the patio with Patricia’s homemade French toast.  Delicious.

From there we headed into Estoi…..where else would they enjoy their last Algarvian lunch?  We enjoyed the company of Gwen, Ken and Bonnie…….our big extended family here in the Algarve this year.

And so, Patricia and Gary are safely on route to Lisbon…..Laurie, Marc and I are home enjoying the sunshine, music and soon (for me)…..a glass of vino.  There will be the inevitable adjustment of settling into a new routine now that Pat and Gary have gone……I already miss them………but, we are moving in a couple of days and that helps move things along.  The good thing is, Pat and Gary will be back here again next year and of course, we will hopefully get to see them in Canada.  In the meantime…….we have until May 13 before we have to head home so from here till then…….forward looking only.


1 thought on “Another Page is Turned

  1. What a lovely farewell for Pat and Gary, perfect actually! Wonderful photos of good friends from home and away, kind of warms my spirit as I sit icing my recuperating knee on this wet, rainy day! Always happy to have your blog to make me smile and bring back my wonderful memories! xoxo


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