We Are Like a Virus…..We Are Growing

Yesterday was the annual “sweets” festival at Alcoutim.  It happens every year on Good Friday and although we found yesterdays festival smaller than usual, both in terms of vendors and shoppers, it was still great fun.

Our numbers seem to continue to grow!!!  We have new friends from Quebec who are staying at the quinta (where we moved today) and they drove along with us.  Quite the convey.  Marc, Laurie, Gwen and myself in the first car.  Bonnie and Ken in a matching Fiat right behind us then Jean, Louise, Joanne and Dennis!

We had taken the mountain roads instead of a highway.  Breathtaking vistas, wind turbines purring, cork trees in various stages of undress and not many more vehicles in sight.  Our stop in Cachopo for coffee and a leg stretch was appreciated by all.

Our usual Good Friday routine is to drive slowly through the mountains and after our coffee stop continue to Martim Longo and enjoy lunch on the patio at Restaurante Monte Branco.  There are several stork nests around the patio and they are free entertainment. Sadly, the wind was pretty strong today so we ate inside………total pleasure.  We all enjoyed the food, the camaraderie and the restaurant.

After lunch it was directly to Alcoutim and the festival.  Alcoutim is directly on the Guadiana River, which is the natural border between Portugal and Spain.  Directly across the river (Spain) is Sanlucar de Guadiana.  You have the sense that you can reach out and touch it.

A fun time shopping and checking out the many desserts, breads, crafts, liquors and of course, people.  Our Quebec friends headed off for home a little before us then Ken, Bonnie and the three of us headed home along the tranquil route of the Guadiana River.

And so our annual tradition has continued………which includes THE plate for the evening meal…….

This morning Marc, Laurie and I moved from our house in the country to the village of Estoi, the same apartment Marc and I had last year.  It felt like “coming home” and we are totally settled already.   Unpacked, lunch with Jean and Gwen at Ana and Simão’s where eventually Louise, Joanne and Dennis joined us then a quick trip to the grocery store and now it’s time for a glass of vino and a toast to this next phase of our marvelous winter in Portugal.

6 thoughts on “We Are Like a Virus…..We Are Growing

  1. What a tradition! Starting off the Easter weekend well! Have a lovely time at the Quinta….I know you will. Cinq de sept time.


  2. Beautiful pictures of the whole crew!! LOL What fun to have so many of you traveling together that way.
    I LOVE the pot of flowers on the cafe wall!! They’re gorgeous, the colour so vibrant.
    The poppies, well what can be said about them that isn’t positive!

    Oh and that artificial grass on the bench would make for itchy thighs and bottoms!! LOL

    Such a lovely picture of Spain across the way, it really does look sooo close.

    The picture with the old wind-mills is gorgeous. The beautiful homes there with all the green of the trees. I love it.

    Welcome back to your ‘other’ home there in Estoi!!!!

    Love & Hugs.


    1. Yes.. it sure feels like coming home…..and I agree with the bench comments!!


  3. Another lovely trip to Alcoutim and wonderful sweet delicacies to try. Thanks for the poppy photos! Although windy it looked like a beautiful day and the drive home along the Guadiana River was a good choice! Great shot of the windmills with the homes below…lovely! A wonderful tradition, a little same, a little different, but special every time!
    Enjoy your new friends…I think you are in for many fun times at the Quinta!


    1. Even though we’ve done some of these things before, there is always a newness in sharing it with others. I never tire of the festivals and wanderings as you well know. Hope you’re feeling better today.


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