Lazy Monday Morning

We’ve reached that time in our stay where the intoxicating scent of orange blossoms permeate the air 100% of the day.  Truly an amazing thing to experience.  This morning I left the quinta to head out for a reacquainting walk in and around Estoi and I was light headed (more than usual) from the scent.   I kept sniffing deeply to take it all into my memory bank.

It’s wonderful for us to be back in Estoi and for me especially, to be able to explore all the old winding roads and paths I explored so much last year.  I love to see what’s new and what has remained the same and also, find the things I missed from last time!!

8 thoughts on “Lazy Monday Morning

  1. Love the beautiful colors of the flowers. Really enjoyed Easter Sunday’s blog.


  2. Nothing like the scent of orange blossoms! You’ve got another month to take in so much more…enjoy the moments.


  3. What lovely wanderings! I daresay, did I see yellow poppies by the iris? I am going to dream of orange blossoms tonight…so glad you are such a lover of nature and share so much of it in all its glory!enjoy getting re-acquainted! xoxo


    1. I think yes, that might have been a yellow poppy OR, if not, a member of the family!!


  4. I’m glad that you’re back at the Quinta. For some reason, it just seems to be more in line with the Portuguese way of things. Plus it’s right there in Estoi and you can simply walk out your door and have different paths to choose. Who knows where you might venture to on any given day.

    Ahhhhh, thank you for the Freesia!! Gosh, I wish I had them outside my door here. The scent they give off is so delicate and fresh, I can never get enough of it. I wish I could grow them here.

    Those white blossoms on the tree are gorgeous. Did they have a scent to them??

    The wall mural is very eye-catching. I love that people have these painted on their homes there. Can you imagine the shock on faces here if they woke up to a mural like that painted on their house? LOLOL

    I hope your ‘neighbours’ are too noisy. LOL



    1. Our neighbours are up at the crack of dawn!!!!!!! And one, in particular, is very out spoken!!


  5. All those wonderful blooms! And the storks, I want a photo of the little ones before you come home!


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