Playing Catch Up!

I think my brain is being muddled by the sunshine!!  I totally forgot plans that we made with friends and consequently, stood them up…I’m hoping they will speak to me again with time……kidding!

The days suddenly seem to be flying by again but I guess that’s to be expected with the amount of activity and socializing we have been up to since moving back to the quinta.

Yesterday, Marc, Laurie and I headed off for a day of wandering, shopping and sightseeing in both Ayamonte and Vila Real de Santo Antonio.  Spain is one hour ahead, and they very much still respect the siesta (12h30 – 15h00) and that meant getting up and leaving early if we wanted to enjoy Ayamonte and certainly, shop at all.

The weather was great, our timing for the ferry in both directions was dead on and we thoroughly enjoyed the adventure.  On returning to Portugal we spent some time in Vila Real shopping for a few things…..well actually, Laurie shopped while Marc and I enjoyed a beer on a patio!!

Today was warm, sunny and felt lazy even though we all accomplished lots.  Laundry was hung out to dry then Laurie and I headed off for Fuzeta and the salt flats…..walking was the theme of the day for us.  Marc opted to stay at home, lunch with Gwen and spend some time in the kitchen.

We had parked on one side of the salt flats, walked in and all around town then headed back for the trek to the car.  We certainly covered a lot of ground and both of us enjoyed the physical activity.  On the way towards home we stopped at the farm where I used to say in previous years and finally connected with Henrique and Sarah.  We enjoyed a lovely chat then as we were leaving they encouraged us to pick orange, lemons, grapefruit, whatever we wanted.  With that generous offer, we picked a bag of oranges for us, a bag for our Quebec neighbours and a bag for Gwen.

At home we couldn’t justify sitting inside on such a gorgeous day and so…………

Tonight we spent some time going over the calendar and filling in a few trips to ensure Laurie gets to see all we can show her before she has to head home.  It’s a reminder to Marc and I that time is moving quickly and perhaps we too should start to make our lists of things we want/have to do before we find ourselves running out of time.  I don’t want to think about it…….and so I won’t.  Instead, I’m going to go and pour another glass of vino!

7 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up!

  1. OMG!!!!! BABY GOAT CHOPS??!!? Oh, I’m not sure I can talk to you anymore!!!! You DO know that you don’t have to eat every living thing….right????

    You Babbit you!!!!! LOLOL I wondered what that was when I first saw it too… I think I’ll just turn it to Hobbit!!!

    Stop eating babies!!!!!!!!



  2. What glorious sunshine!! So many lovely photos of the happy threesome in all your glory! Some are disgusted with your baby goat chops, I am drooling! Sh-h-h!!! I’ll be within slapping distance next week!
    I will dream of Fuseta, the farm and start making my bucket list! I’m hooked! xoxo


    1. You’re going to love Estoi. And picking out your own scarf!!!!!


  3. Baby goat, wow, and for those who are scandalized, do you eat veal? Love the silver hair and Marc’s curls!


    1. We’d get along just fine as neighbours!!


    2. Lol, no, I do not eat veal. Nice try tho. LOL


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