Living the Dream in Estoi

Now that we feel settled here and the sun has returned with a vengeance, the early morning opportunities to hike up  São Miguel are limitless.  Laurie had not yet had the pleasure and Marc was wanting to “hang out” in Estoi so off we headed, just the two of us.

Once home we caught Gwen and Marc just as they were heading to Ana’s for lunch.  Off we went.

After lunch Marc and Gwen headed for home while Laurie and I headed out for a couple of hours of strolling around Estoi.  I adore this little town.

Today Laurie and I headed out for a day of exploring in Alte and Silves.  I took the back roads and we had a great time.

We had a great day despite rain starting just as we headed out to explore Silves and then on top of that, discovered construction in the area we had planned to walk……….Laurie got to see some of the town but has already decided she’ll spend a whole day there on her next trip!!!!

2 thoughts on “Living the Dream in Estoi

  1. Lovely! Glad the weather has improved and it makes touring around wonderful. Hi to all. Hugs, P


  2. Loving livin’ the dream from afar while I’m livin’ my nightmare! LOL! Your blog keeps me sane…and dreamin’! xoxo


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