Weekends and Weather

If there is one thing I can say about our weather this last six months it’s in a single work…..unpredictable!   I think I’ve been tanned and faded three times now!!  This past couple of days has been cloudy…….just have a look at this photo taken yesterday morning as we headed off for a day of adventure.


That’s Faro off in the distance and we thought we were safe as we were headed into the mountains towards Loulé…HA!!!  Started to pour rain just as we parked the car to walk to the market.  Good thing none of us are worried about melting……..and at least it’s warm.

The market was a madhouse, probably because everybody was trying to get inside out of the downpours but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

Because  Loulé was totally congested, we could not get a table in our usual restaurant and as a plan B, headed towards São Romão and Cafe Correia.  We had eaten there with Pat and Gary and loved the food and as luck should have it, today they had the rabbit dish that I loved so much from last time…..only one serving left and Marc was kind enough to let me have it.

Turned out to be a wonderful day and was capped with a lovely fire in our woodstove, great music and of course, company.  Life here is pretty darn nice for us.

Sunday morning was the gypsy market here in Estoi and Laurie’s first big market since arriving, she was a happy woman and managed to drop just a little money before the morning was out.

I think we wandered and browsed for about two hours then headed home to drop our things off then back to Ana’s for lunch with Bonnie, Ken and Gwen.

The forecasted rain did not show up, for which I am grateful.  We decided to take a quick jaunt to Olhão and pick up a few things at the grocery store, which we did.  On the way back I stopped to take a couple of photos of a lovely old abandoned house both Marc and I are enamored with.  I did take a shot of the front last year but having found a tiny back road I had noticed that the back was equally as lovely.

And another day starts to come to dusk………..Laurie and Gwen have just left for a night of debauchery (kidding)….live music in Silves.  Marc and I are about to pop the cork on a bottle of vino and he is making us a pan of mac and cheese with various Portuguese cheeses………I just might put on my jammies and really be slug like……..and comfortable.  Why not?



1 thought on “Weekends and Weather

  1. Aside from the unpredictable rain, your photos sure burst with colour, especially at the Estoi market. Looks like I could do some negotiating there as well! Nice photo of the poppies…I am collecting them!
    Hope weather stays sunny and bright for the rest of your stay…I look forward to your tan! Did I mention I have sun suntan lotion that might help move it along….LOL!!! Love you, P


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