Making a List and Checking it Twice

With time in the Algarve running out for Laurie, our focus these days is checking a few things off her wish list, which she now realizes she has to come back a second time to accomplish!!!  I love this country very much and am more than happy to play tour guide and driver and share in the immense pleasure she is taking in exploring and discovering.

Marc enjoys time at home while we do this, which is wonderful for us as it implies returning home each day to a fabulous meal, a warming fire, either lit or ready to have the match put to it and of course, a good bottle of vino.  Life as I know it is grand.

Marac had an appointment in Olhão on Monday.  We dropped him off then Laurie and I wandered for a couple of hours until he caught up to us, which was around lunch time. Monday and open restaurants in the Algarve is sometimes an issue which  turned out to be true for us and so we wound up at Doca, a place we had eaten and enjoyed early in our trip here this year.


The sun was still blazing when we arrived at home which motivated me to suggest a hike in the nearby mountain.  Laurie was all game and off we went.  A great outing…my Fitbit was happy!!

IMG_3275 We also had a great evening meal out with Bonnie and Ken………..took us three attempts at three different places to find a restaurant open but hey… paid off.  They leave tomorrow for Lisboa then back to Canada on Sunday.  We’re going to miss them.

Bonnie and Ken…..both they and Laurie will be heading back to Canada next Sunday……gosh, where does the time go.

Today brought us unexpected sunshine and not wanting to lose out on that, Laurie and I headed off for a day trip to Monchique.  It couldn’t have been more perfect if we had planned it that way……….we stopped at the Caldas de Monchique for a coffee, it was 15 degrees.  We then drove up to the top of the mountain to take in the view and it was 8 degrees and blowing icy winds…….happy to see it and happier to get back down!!

We drove slowly down the mountain through huge groves of eucalyptus and cork.  Some of  the damage from last years terrible fires was still evident but much regrowth is happening which made it look less devastating that it must have been.  By now we were hungry but I had a plan and with that in mind we headed off towards the sea and a stop at Porches and Praia de Nossa Senhora da Rocha, which is a small fishing community.

We drove a little further along the coast and stopped in Quarteira, which to me is not that interesting but I wanted Laurie to see different aspects of the Algarve, including the heavily touristed ones such as this.  Didn’t take any photos.

A grand and wonderful day is now winding down for us.  Marc was quite productive…..laundry done, tortiere ready to go in the oven…….I can taste it now, fire all set and lovely music,not to mention hugs to greet us.  It doesn’t get much better than all this.

And just before home, as we stopped at a red light, I looked out and saw this……….how I would love to see inside.



4 thoughts on “Making a List and Checking it Twice

  1. Wow! Lovely time spent in Monchique and along the coast. Never tire visiting these areas…grand tour. Laurie’s smile lights up the posture. She’s having an amazing time with You Randy as tour guide. Hugs to all. P


    1. You would have loved the day……the wild flowers are bursting all over the place. Wish you were here to tell me what some of them are!!


  2. What a fabulous ‘blue’ day…homes, tiles, water, doors, Laurie’s lovely scarf and could the sky have been any more blue? Wow! You have described in words and captured in photos a perfect day in the Algarve…such wonderful memories for the two of you! Loved photo of Marc and could almost feel the hugs you returned home to! Yes, life is good, my Friend! xoxoxo


    1. I was trying to recall if you had been to Monchique with me and I don’t think you have?? The countryside around, and the views are phenomenal. Photos do not capture it at all so we didn’t really take any, simply breathed it in.


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