And The Final Chapter Begins

Marc and I have just returned from a rapid turn around trip to Lisboa and the airport.  Laurie is probably boarding her flight for Toronto as I write this!  We miss her here already and we’ve only been home for about 15 minutes.  What a wonderful time we’ve shared and enjoyed together these past several weeks.

It’s a rainy day, which sort of suits our mood, but not at all cold.  A perfect afternoon for catching up on the blog and a few other things.  So, what have we been up to this last few days……..let’s see……

A fabulous meal of Marc’s tourtiere, a feta beet salad and a great bottle of wine. All ready to be popped in the oven when Laurie and I returned from a great day of exploring Tavira.

We had decided that one of the things we would like to do was to take the train from Faro to Tavira.  It’s a completely different experience from driving, you get to enjoy the Ria Formosa, the salt flats, the sea etc..  And for me, a day off from having to drive and simply be able to enjoy the view.

It was a truly marvelous day.  I can safely say that Laurie has seen as much of Tavira, if not more, than most of the other folks I’ve accompanied there in the past.  By the time we headed for the train station and home, we were pooped and looking forward to our wonderful dinner and a relaxing evening with Marc.

Laurie’s final full day here in the Algarve was just that……FULL!  We had accomplished almost all that was on her initial wish list except for the Olhão market, Faro Beach (again) and lunch on the patio at Wax………..guess what we did on Saturday!!!!!   All that plus drinks on the patio at Ana’s and a lovely evening dinner at our place with Gwen.  Laurie claimed it to be a near perfect day!!

We had taken a cooler and ice with us which was great.  We put our few purchases in the trunk and headed on towards Faro and the beach.  It was a bit cooler than we would have preferred but hey………the edge of the Atlantic, sandy shores and pounding waves, a seat right on the edge of our favourite patio and we were happy folks.

Once home we freshened up, hollered out to Gwen and the four of us made our way down to the main square.  Laurie wanted one last opportunity to enjoy a coffee in the sunshine and to say goodbye to Ana.

What a great day it was.   The four of us enjoyed each others company over a great meal, starting with a bottle of champagne compliments of Gwen followed by much laughing and gabbing.  An early morning faced us as we had to leave for Lisbon at 6h30……and so, hugs of goodbye, the final climb up the stairs and lalaland found us all.

As we drove back from Lisbon today we were rather quiet.  The countryside was foggy and misty but green and so much colour from the fields of yellow lupins, deep purple of hillsides covered in lavender, white cistus dancing in the breeze and the reddish brown of the harvested cork forests.

We have so much to be grateful for and amongst that list is the fact that we have one more month here before heading back to Canada.  We’ll allow ourselves to miss Laurie today, and feel a tiny bit sad as that chapter closes but…….we won’t wallow in it……tomorrow is a new day and a sunny one……..we’ll have to see what comes along.

Oh and p.s.   Wednesday is Marc’s 65th birthday….but don’t say I said anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “And The Final Chapter Begins

  1. What wonderful photos! Hope Laurie’s flight hasn’t been cancelled coming into Toronto? Weather is terrible here and lots of outgoing and incoming flights cancelled.


    1. Me too!! It was delayed out of Lisbon by only an hour so, let’s keep our fingers crossed.


  2. More fabulous photos – and commentary! I too would like to climb into that bed of poppies. We are enduring this weekend of double-slam freezing rain and high winds by playing scrabble and living vicariously through your sunny posts. Also planning another trip to Greece for September. Keep the pics of blue skies and big smiles coming!


    1. I love Greece…………I’m envious. I am off to China in September for my very first “organized” tour. Stay warm and dry and don’t cheat in scrabble.


  3. Loved the blog today for so many reasons! Most of which you know! Thanks for the poppies! xoxo


    1. Now whatever made you think those poppy photos had anything to do with you????


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