Roll Out Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Spring in Portugal!

The windows and doors are all open, classical music is playing inside and the birds singing madly outside!  These are the days I’ve been longing for, timeless and tranquil.  We are happy boys!

Speaking of happy boys……yesterday was Marc’s 65th birthday and what a great day it was.  I had asked him what he wanted to do for the day and it turned out to be relatively simple……a walk on the Fuzeta beach and a stop at a Chinese store to pick up some new canvases.  Both easily accomplished!  From there we had lunch on that patio at Ana and Simão’s, returned there again later in the day for a “treat”, then dinner out.  A more perfect day it couldn’t have been.

The day was truly sublime and the walk home was slow, slower and slowest because of the heat.

Tuesday evening Marc and I had been included in a wonderful family birthday party…..a 70th.  We drove west about half an hour to Boliqueime to connect with friends, old and new and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves…..many thanks to Joelle for this invitation.

And that brings us to Marc’s special day…..

From here we headed to the main square for lunch and a surprise visit with Susie and Gus.

Big lunch, sunshine and heat…..of course it demanded a siesta… least for me.  I think Marc was working on a new piece while I snoozed!!!  LOL.  We then headed back to Ana’s for further celebrations…….a lovely bottle of champagne.

Marc and I headed out at 19h30 for a lovely quiet celebratory dinner, which was the perfect closure to an almost perfect day.   By the time we arrived home near 23h00, we were both quite ready to call it a night………Happy Birthday mon mari.  Je t’aime!

9 thoughts on “Roll Out Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Spring in Portugal!

  1. Happy Birthday Marc……many happy returns 🍷


  2. What a festive day!!!


  3. Marc deserved such a special day with great weather too! A day designed perfectly to celebrate his
    birthday! ❤️
    Methinks this old bag should start planning…time is running out! LOL! xoxo


    1. I’m not clear on what time is running out against????


      1. My birthday! LOL!


  4. Sounds like a lovely day was had by all!


    1. Great day Joannie…….turning 65 was pretty effortless….and fun to boot.


  5. I love the wall scene that leads to the private garden. 🙂

    The birthday boy and Gwen are looking pretty happy, I like Marc with his sweater and scarf on… and his hairstyle.

    I too love to see the laundry draped outside like that. When did North Americans get so offended by the normal, natural drying of clothes outside??!!?

    I love the wildness of the flowers and Marc’s hair. hehehee. Oh, and I love that first tile on the counter at Quinta dos Poetas.

    Yummy at that sweet potato cake.

    How sweet of Ana to have the champagne for Marc!

    Such beautiful pictures of Ana, Marc, and Simão!!! I love them.

    Look at those two lushes!!!!! LOL Gwen and Marc…. buggers I say. lol

    Sounds like you and Marc had a special evening together, that’s as it should be.

    Love to you both.


    1. It’s lovely to know that somebody is looking at my blog!! Thanks for all the comments. Gwen left this morning and now it’s just Marc and I until May 12th when we head to Lisbon then home on the 13th…..YIKES


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