The Wandering Boys

We headed off early morning for the market at Santa Catharina da Fonte do Bispo.  A lovely winding drive through the mountains, I’m a lover of the backroads, with the hills alive from the abundance of wildflowers.  I think they might be at their peak.

IMG_3501 For whatever reason, the market wasn’t that heavily populated with vendors although many buyers or browsers were out and about. We enjoyed checking out all the stalls to see what might be interesting and walked away empty handed.  I took only one photo…

This booth was very popular as I think it’s the time for folks to start their “at home” gardens and this stall had quite the selection of started pots. Almost anything you might want to grow at home, you could find here.

Once we left the market grounds we decided that we would take a little wander throughout the town.  For as many times as I have been here, or passed through, I had never actually walked about.  Turns out it is quite lovely with many hidden streets and staircases that go up the side of the hills.  We both quite enjoyed it.

The other day we prepared a list of things we would like to do before we leave for home in a few weeks and one of them was to go to Santa Luzia for an octopus lunch.  Another was to drive up to Bemparece and have lunch at O Cantinho da Serra….the views are breathtaking from there and the food amazing.  Given Bemparece was close, up the mountain we headed………..we ohhhed and ahhhed all the way up.  Vistas, wildflowers, deep valleys etc..

We arrived at the restaurant but it was still way to early for lunch so, with a bit of conversation we decided to drive on to Santa Luzia and to return here later next week on a clearer day, as today was a bit hazy, to truly enjoy the views.

By the time we finished lunch, we were two very happy people.  We slowly wound our way back to the car, meandering along the main promenade.

By now it was about 15h30 and we decided to drive home, park the car and walk over to the square to enjoy a bica with Ana and Simão, which we did.  It couldn’t have been a more pleasantly paced day and having explored a few new roads, seen new countryside.  We were content to call it a day and spend the rest of it relaxing at home.

When we opened our gate at home we found the neighbours dog, Barri, curled up in the sunshine on Gwen’s steps, something he did in the afternoons when she was here.  I think he might be missing her!!


4 thoughts on “The Wandering Boys

  1. I really enjoyed your posts….kept me smiling through our long winter but you can home now…it is a beautiful day in Canada.


  2. Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo certainly has more to offer than a challenging name and a market! You uncovered some beautiful hidden treasures! The roses, cistus, lavender and gladioli are in their glory! Wow!
    Your lunches in Santa Luzia had me salivating! Serve me up!
    I really like the thought of having a bica at Ana and Simao’s…nice finish to a really happy day…my kind of day! xoxo


    1. It is always a treat, and a surprise, to explore a place you have been several times and suddenly find all this “newness” I for one, love it.


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