Lazy, Languid, Lovely Days

The heat of the last few days has reminded us why we have to head back to Canada during the month of May.  It simply overwhelms no matter how much we love it and long for it.  This is in no way to be construed as a complaint!!  Simply a statement of fact.

Our days are looking a bit the same.  Long lovely walks in the mornings before it gets too hot.  Some time on the beach enjoying the sound of the waves and whatever opportunistic breeze shows up.  Lunch on one patio or another then around 17h00 a visit to the patio on the square for a “cinq a sept”  then home for dinner.  As I said, lazy and languid.  It’s marvelous.

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful 7 km walk in the countryside culminating on the old road that our friends Carole and Andre rented a villa last year.  The birds were especially vocal, probably not happy with our presence, and the wildflowers…..abundant and beautiful.


Once home from that hike we freshened up then headed to the square for lunch.

On arrival at home, I was so overcome with the heat I simply slipped off my shorts and tee and literally, jumped in the pool!!  And that’s where I stayed.  Refreshing and cooling.

And so it goes.  I could write about our day today but,  simply extract the walk, put us on the Faro Beach for three hours instead and then repeat the rest.   I’m just out of the pool, Marc is in the kitchen conjuring up amazing odors and all remains good in the world.

6 thoughts on “Lazy, Languid, Lovely Days

  1. Carry on living the dream….you guys are thriving in the heat!


    1. So wish you could be here to enjoy the wildflowers……you would go mad trying to identify them all


  2. Lovely photos of all the beautiful flowers…you obviously know my favourite! The Martha Washington geraniums are a wonderful colour; I like them a lot but not had much success growing them. That Rose has its job cut out for itself! Toilet seat…duh?
    Lunch did look plate licking good! The fellow with the plaid jacket and puppy seems to be bearing up to the heat. Happy you have a chance to stay cool…lather that sunscreen on! xoxo


    1. Just cause it feels like July to us doesn’t mean the Portuguese agree. It’s still just spring for them.


  3. Oh, How lovely the long walks on the beach sound!! The thought of doing so right now sounds like a lovely dream.

    The flowers are everywhere and quite beautiful. I love the little yellow ones edging the cactus!!

    Hehehee, yes the man and dog do appear to be waiting for something or perhaps someone.

    LMAO…. Rose scented undies…. not sure that one rose is up to the task.

    The new salad looks good and omg @ the stew! I can’t eat veal but I’m picturing a different kind of meat in it… Lord, it even LOOKS tasty!!

    Lovely pictures of you and your handsome hubby. 🙂

    Ahhhhh the coolness of the pool sounds beautiful after a hot day. Looks refreshing.

    Live it up you two…. live it up.



    1. Maybe one day you’ll get to come here and enjoy it first hand.


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