The Merging of the Days…at least that’s how it feels!!

Warmth, sunshine, the pool, the beach, good wine, visits with friends…gosh life is tough these days!!!

Perhaps it’s simply because we return to Canada soon that I seem to have a more acute sense of everything around me right now.  The scent of the jasmine as it moves into its final days of blossoming.  The intoxication and sweetness of the orange and lemon blossoms………I swear one of us is going to pass out from breathing deeply when walking and even driving…..simply to memorize this wonderful experience.

Whenever we beach it, we try to be out of the sun by noon to avoid the more harmful rays and the best way to accomplish that……lunch on a covered patio.  Today was Snack-Bar Galactica and fresh corniva,  also known as the corvina drum,a saltwater fish.  One of my favourite here in the Algarve primarily because it has a centre bone which is easy to remove and the meat……white and sweet.  We thoroughly enjoyed our relaxing time in the shade of the patio.

Our afternoons at home these days means pool time……..

And then we head down to the square for a visit, a drink and a walk….not necessarily in that order.  Estoi is such a beautiful tiny village…….we always see something that we want to capture in photos.

Saturday is market day all over the Algarve and our list of things to do before we head home was to visit the Loulé and Olhão markets at least one more time.  Today we chose the Loulé.  The drive was wonderful.

Last year, and again this year, Marc and I decided that each day when we are out, we will drive at least one route/road we have never been on before.  It’s so much fun to experience something brand new and we are usually surprised at where some of these roads end up taking us.  We’ve been doing that this past two weeks and are already finding areas we have never seen before and want to experience in more detail next trip.  It’s amazing how many tiny villages are tucked away close to where we live and yet we have no sense of them at all.  Great fun.

We headed down to the square for our daily visit but took a circuitous route to get a little exercise in and to see what might have changed since our last walk………always enjoyable.

And there you have a snap shot of some of the activity of our days.  There are loads more things but not everything goes in the blog!!!


2 thoughts on “The Merging of the Days…at least that’s how it feels!!

  1. I couldn’t not make a comment on today’s blog. Thank you for poppies once again…I know many people love them but I cannot get enough of them. They spell HOPE to me! So very beautiful!
    Loved the beach pics, pool pics and OMG! sardines! Yummy! Beautiful flowers as always and yes, the strawberries were a deal! I hope they tasted as good as they looked! I know what I’ll be dreaming about tonight after this blog! It begins with P and ends in L!


    1. The first sardines of the season…….I expect they will be on a few menus in the next few days and have my eyes open for them. You’ll go mad here next year if the poppies are as abundant as this year.


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