Fonte Benémola hike and then some!

One of the things that are plentiful here is nature walks.  You can have them as challenging or easy you like.  We had a change of plans yesterday morning and at the last moment decided to head off and enjoy another opportunity at the Fonte Benémola.  The pictures say it all so no point in my mindless ramblings.


Today we headed off to Tavira to spend the morning with friends who had arrived recently………had a marvelous visit with Eileen (my friend Jame’s sister) and her friend, Kim.  They both recently became “women of a certain age” and this was their birthday present to themselves.  What a great thing.

On the way home we stopped by a place we had seen advertised a few times.  Quinta da Marco… could we not…….finally!!

Wonderful days, each and evey one.  And I want to end with a funny story………..

Marc and I were commenting today that it is rare to see a lemon tree not on private property.  This is disappointing to us as we use a lot of lemons and the trees are laden with them, they simply fall on the ground and that’s that.   As we drive along this mountain road we suddenly see, right beside the small highway, an abandoned house and three laden lemon trees!!!!!   How extraordinary.

We stopped the car, Marc grabbed a bag from the trunk and started picking.  I scurried into the bushes to take a pee and when I finished I grabbed the camera and was just setting up to take a photo of Marc collecting the lemons when suddenly, the window to this presumably abandoned house flew open, right behind Marc and a very old woman starting screaming at us!!!!  I tried in my best Portuguese to apologize and explain that we thought it was abandoned etc..  She was having no part of it.  Then it dawned on me that perhaps she had also seen me peeing!!!!!!!  Needless to say, we took off with our tails between our legs,  Embarrassed but at the same time, giggling like two school boys.

This I captured JUST as she threw open the window and startled us with her bellowing.


6 thoughts on “Fonte Benémola hike and then some!

  1. Great pics today! I really loved the doors & minature orchids! The lemon story gave me a great laugh & Marc looks really caught in the act. I hope you escaped with a few lemons & I’m sure you had a few laughs..ha!


    1. We are still feeling guilty. We almost stopped on the way home to offer some money for the lemons we too but decided to leave well enough alone.


  2. LOLOL That’s a funny story. I hope you managed to get a good bag full before you got caught. LOL

    I love the two doors at the top of the page.

    The walk you had today seems like the kind of walk I’d like. I couldn’t do anything fast paced or rough, just a nice meandering while taking in everything around me, the birds, the flowers.

    I love the old stone bench in the woods with the wild rose bush growing beside it. It speaks of peacefulness to me.

    Was Marc soaking his feet in the water in that ‘guilty’ looking photo? LOL

    I too love the cistus, they look like fragile, crumpled paper.

    Looks like you had a beautiful day.


    1. Yes, I think you would enjoy that particular walk. It is uphill for a tiny bit but, we did it backwards and got the hill out of the way right at the start. That said, so many beautiful flowers and vistas you are over the hill before you even realize you’ve climbed it.


  3. Common thieves, you are! Don’t worry, your lemon theft will only count as a venial sin and you may receive some leniency for making good use of your stolen goods! LOL! Great story!
    Really loved your blog today…just the carefree spirit of wandering and enjoying Nature’s gifts. I really liked the flowers of course but the photos showing expanse of the terrain gave an insight into Portugal’s diverse landscape. So beautiful! Fonte Benemola is on my list!
    Marco’s name being advertised made me laugh…at least it wasn’t on a ‘Wanted’ poster! Ha! Ha!


    1. Will take you there for sure. It’s one of my favourite walks that I love to do a few times while here. Each time it is totally different because of the wildflowers.


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