Festa da Pinha

Every year at the beginning of May the people of Estoi celebrate a very special festival, “Festa da Pinha”, meaning festival of the pine cone. Nobody has yet been able to explain to us the origin of this old tradition. The procession from Estoi to Ludo, near Almancil and back, on May 2 is the spectacular highlight of this event.

The participants, who traditionally dress in black trousers, white shirts and red neckerchiefs, get together at the racecourse in Estoi – horsemen, horse-drawn carriages, tractors and lorries, all beautifully decorated with flowers. At the end of the day the best decorations in each of these categories will win a prize.

The spectacular procession starts at around 9:30 with the crowds chanting “Viva a Pinha”, and passes the parish church and the bells ring out as they pass.  The next stop is Santa Barbara de Nexe, and from there the procession continues its way in the direction of Almancil to Ludo near the Laranjal golf course. There a huge barbecue takes place for hours, before the cavalcade returns in the evening to Estoi.

Meanwhile back in Estoi young and old alike party in front of the church beginning in the early hours of the evening. A huge crowd of spectators line the main road, expecting the arrival of the torchlight procession shortly before midnight, which is literally right outside the gates to our quinta.  It will be a late night for sure with all the festivities.


6 thoughts on “Festa da Pinha

  1. Holy moly! What a great parade at your doorstep! Such effort put into the decorations, floats and costumes…crazy wonderful fun! Your shots really captured the mood! I’m just sitting here smiling at our blessed lives! xoxo


    1. Now all I have to do is stay awake for the culmination of it all this evening!! Ana tells us it’s best to be at the square around 10 instead of simply watching it from here, apparently it’s better to watch it coming up the main street. Might have to nap later!!!!


  2. Lovely photos of the festival with floats & horses! Great side photo of Marc next to the decorated horse. Look forward to your pics tomorrow – enjoy the evening!


  3. Wowzers!!!!!! How amazing is all this! Awesome videos, the crowd were certainly entertained and entertaining. LOL How wonderful to be there for wonderful events like this.
    The weather was great for it too.



    1. Part 2will be on FB in a few minutes


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